Sunday, February 28, 2010

(Day 59) Not a rolling stone

Well, it may still be winter in these parts, but the moss on this stone is certainly not deterred by it. It was a rather pleasant pre-spring (sounds better than late winter) day with the temperature around 6C (43F). We got some sun again this afternoon, and it brought nice soft colours to the moss and lichen on the rocks.

(50mm  f25  0.8 sec  ISO200)


Anonymous said...

What a great photo - love the colours (Jules)

gwentman said...

Interesting variety of pictures on your blog. Can I invite you to look into my blog to see what we do in this part of the World.

M. Hassan said...

Well captured!

That's signs that spring is almost at the door.. I love the texture and colors a lot.

Rick de Zoete said...

@anonymous - thank you.

@gwentman - thank you. I spent some time on your blog - lovely photos. I've added myself as a follower so I can view your previous, and upcoming work - thanks for the invite.

@M.Hassan - thanks for your comments; I appreciate your regular feedback. Yes - can't wait for spring too (although I know we'll have to be patient for a while yet).