Monday, February 15, 2010

(Day 45) "Country roads, take me home ..."

Well, strictly speaking, the photo below doesn't depict what I would consider a 'country road'. However, these were the roads that carried us 2,500 kilometres (about 1,500 miles) back home. I thought about how long a trip like that would have taken 100 years ago - before modern roads (let alone interstate highways), and modern vehicles that could travel those distances without problems. A trip like that 100 years ago would surely have been seen as either impossible, foolhardy, or only for the real adventurer. I wonder whether talk about travel to Mars in the near future will be seen in a similar light 100 years from now.

(18-55mm f8 1/100 sec ISO200)


Penny (AKA Krista) said...

Looks like a road to Mars, to me! Up here in the time-forgotten Yukon, our roads are all still on the ground. LOL! Great shot!

Rick de Zoete said...

Thanks Krista. The Yukon is on my list of 'places to visit before I die'.

Krista said...

Oh you certainly should make that effort. It is a spectacular place to behold for sure! And now you know a local, you can get the inside scoop on all the best photo locations. ;o)