Wednesday, February 24, 2010

(Day 55) A walk through the creation

The weather's been a bit of a 2-edged sword these days - drab and dreary on the one hand, but fairly mild compared to 'normal'. We get a bit of snow in the mornings, then the temperature goes up to 8C (46F) and it all melts again. But I wanted to get outdoors for a little fresh air and take some photos in the countryside. I knew of a little area not far from home; I decided to post a couple of extra shots of 'the beauty that surrounds us'.

(70-200mm  f16  1/20 sec  ISO200)

(70-200mm  f16  1/50 sec  ISO200)


(70-200mm  f16  1/125 sec  ISO200)


M. Hassan said...

I'm tired of seeing snow, but this shot brings me some joy instead of frustration.

Good job!

Krista said...

The weather has been weird here, too. It was -30C a couple of mornings ago but by lunch time the snow was melting. WEIRD! But... not complaining... melting snow in Yukon in February? I'll take it! ;o)

That second shot is really great! Do you ever edit your photos? I think I would try that one in B&W to see what it would do. I like the colour too though, it's just a bit of shading, I like the colour of the grass!

Rick de Zoete said...

@M.Hassan - I feel where you're coming from; we're quite accustomed to it and don't set our expectations to be snow-free till about mid-April. Thanks for your comment.

@Krista - thanks. I do very little editing (other than to re-size before I upload). I did think about a b&w version as I was driving back from the place (but forgot to edit it). I did just do that and I like it also. Re: weird weather you're having - reminds me of the chinooks we got when I lived near Calgary: -35C to +18C within 24 hours! Crazy.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! And God-honoring, too. This was my original intention--you've done well with it. God bless. (Kathy Hendrix--North Carolina)

Rick de Zoete said...

Thank you Kathy. If you're not familiar with it, have a listen to Brian Doerksen's song 'Creation Calls'.