Thursday, February 11, 2010

(Day 42) Back to the jungle

In a day or 2 we'll be leaving this place where I find a lot of the flora to be of the 'exotic' variety. I suppose if you live here it might not strike you that way. I'm sure more than a few people wondered why I was taking photos of plants (and animals) that they considered to be quite ordinary - perhaps I would similarly wonder why people would take photos of plants and animals where I live. So, despite a few glances from a neighbour out in his yard, I took some photos of the outdoor garden plants that I'd likely not find in a nursery back home.

I suspect that if man were to disappear from this area it would revert to jungle within 5 years.

(60mm f4 1/60 sec ISO200)

(60mm f5 1/160 sec ISO200)


Picture Imperfect said...

Don't you just love the jungle?

I really like the perspective on the second one!

Rick de Zoete said...

Thank you. Yes - there's something intriguing and mysterious about the jungle !

M. Hassan said...

I don't care what you take pictures of as long as they're beautiful or different. I love both shots above because of the vivid colors and the DoF.

By the way, your name sounds dutch. I live in the Netherlands and was just being curious if you're Nederlands.

Photog Ave said...

The second photo is very beautiful.

Thank you for visiting my blog and following. I will be doing the same ;)

By the way - great nickname for 'Pinocchio' bird!

['รด ] Avery

Rick de Zoete said...

@M. Hassan - thanks for your comments. Yes, Dutch origin. Emigrated when I was 6 maar ik kan nog een beetje nederlands schrijven en kan het ook nog spreken (ben in IJsselmuiden geboren).

@Avery - thank you. Love your nature photos - you're quite accomplished.

M. Hassan said...

So, you've never been back to Holland?

Kerri said...

Lovely images!!

Rick de Zoete said...

@M.Hassan - yes, 3 times now ('72 and 2x in '08). My parents always spoke Dutch (en plat) at home & I learned to read/write it on my own.

@Kerri - thank you.

M. Hassan said...

Where in Nederland does your parents come from, Groningen? I live in Hoogezand near Groningen and have lived in Groningen in the past.

Rick de Zoete said...

My father came from western Holland (Naaldwijk), my mother from Overijssel (IJsselmuiden).