Monday, February 22, 2010

(Day 53) Did I hear someone say chicken soup ??

Well no, our chickens aren't destined for the soup pot - they're layers. We get to enjoy fresh brown eggs regularly and we sell the surplus to a few good customers. Occasionally we still end up with more than we can eat so we donate the rest. Our chickens have it pretty good - a warm (insulated) coop, food and water, and fresh air (when it's not too cold out). In exchange for all that they give us great tasting eggs. Its a symbiotic relationship - and I don't mention chicken soup, at least not near their coop!

(70-200mm f2.8 1/80 sec. ISO200)


Krista said...

Oh man... I LOVE chickens even though they poop alot. LOL!

I used to take care of my fire chief's chickens and turkeys when he would go out of town. I loved getting the fresh eggs every morning. I would start singing at the far end of the yard so they were never startled. I think they liked me! ;o)

This is a great photo - I love how the background colour matches so well. Is that because the background is more chickens?

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M. Hassan said...

That's one good relationship and I'm happy they never caught you saying chicken soup ;).

Did you watch Sven Kramer? I'm totally down man, unbelievable.

Great capture and an amazing DoF

Rick de Zoete said...

@Krista - I can relate to "they poop a lot". Yep - sure need regular cleaning (I wonder if anyone's ever tried toilet training a chicken :)

And yes - lots of hens in the background - the one I 'shot' wasn't hen-pecked :)

Thanks for dropping by - I'll be by soon to check out your giveaway.

@M.Hassan - sorry to read about Sven's DQ; I didn't see it but read about it - disappointing. Thanks for your other positive comments, and good luck to your countrymen.

Photog Ave said...

Great photo!

['รด ] Avery

Rick de Zoete said...

Thanks Avery!

Julia said...

Was that the best looking one that you've got? Signing her up for a modeling career?

Rick said...

@Julia - you'll have to ask the rooster about that - I'm not a good judge of chickens' looks ;)

Anonymous said...

Well you can tell Krista that whenever you guys go away she is MORE than welcome to come and take care of your chickens.

Peice of advice...never wear a garbage bag around chickens;