Thursday, May 19, 2011

The added benefit of rain

We actually had a break from the rain today - the first since last Saturday I think - and I used the opportunity to bring our refuse to the dump this morning (yes, friends, when you live on the edge of paradise they don't come and pick that up for you, hence I use my 'dump truck' to bring it there). On the return leg, my roving eye (remember, the other one stays firmly focused on the road) caught this reflection in the ditch. Technically speaking, I violated the ABC rule, however, since I was only 1 minute from home, I'm claiming a mulligan. I was back in a few minutes with the camera.

After lunch, we took advantage of the sun to cut the grass - it had almost grown to a height where Sasha might have got lost on the front lawn. And a good thing we did, too, because the skies opened up again at 4:00 p.m. I think there will be a bumper crop of mosquitoes, and reflections.

btw - can one of you blogger experts out there explain to me why, when I upload a photo that's 1200 x 900 it ends up at around 800 x 600 ? Is there anything I can do to keep it at the original upload size ?

(18-55mm  f10  1/40 sec  ISO100)


Dawn said...

That gets my vote for most original ditch find!
Glad you went back for it. And I like the B&W.

(And on that ABC rule...I told my 11 year old son- who owns a nicer camera than I- your ABC rule. I heard him mumble under his breath yesterday..."Do I have everything? Book, Jacket, ABC...yep!":))))

pumpkydine said...

I do not have fond memories of geometry in high school but since growing older and sometimes wiser, ha ha, I have found a new appreciation for the use of math. Your shot is a perfect example. Great shapes and angles captured with the reflections!

becky said...

It almost looks sculptural w/ the reflections.
I have no idea about the size thing, but here's a camera question for you. say you have an image that is 3.2 MG, can you increase the MB once the pic was taken? if so, how? I always shoot w/ the most mp's , but in my storage files they may show up as anywhere from 3 MB to over 4 MB. I figured you being the expert & all may have the answer to that question! Also, while we're at it, i know how to change image size in photo shop & PPI, but many digitl entries request the image in DPI. I understand pivels vs dots, but I can't figure out how to change it to DPI for the entry. Any suggestions?
:) :) :)

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral




Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This is a shot worth going back for.

darlin said...

This shot was totally worth going back for, it's amazing!

If you can sort this out here's a link which might help you . I started to read a wee bit but it made no sense to this rookie! lol

biebkriebels said...

That is a lot of water you have there. In our country we have a lack of water, which is very unusual. It seems the climate is changing very fast from east to west.

Tricia said...

Ohhh I love those fences, they're so cool! =)

I'm sooo NOT an expert LoL! but when you're on the upload page & you've just uploaded the pic, click on the pic itself & a bar should pop up under it that shows, small medium large xlarge & original - left justified center & right... etc
click on the size you want & that should work... but you may have to change your template so that that size pic shows up correctly on your blog...
let me know & I'll help you as much as I can, although, that may do more harm than good! LoL!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

The black and white works perfectly here. It looks so serene.

Cat said...

What an artful photo Rick...beautiful composition.

I think Tricia is on to may just be that your template isn't wide enough to accept the photo at that size. You may be able to change the width of the template in the design portion of your dashboard. I've done that on my blog to accommodate larger photos.

Riet said...

Wat een mooie foto Rick. Goeie reflecties. Have a good weeked

magda said...

Hi RicK
Beautiful photo of your garden!!!
I'm sorry,but i don't know for photo-size :(
Many greetings

Soraia B. said...

Beautiful :D

Leovi said...

Excellent composition of lines combined with the reflections in the water. Really attractive with pretty gray.

Jeanne Klaver said...

Spectacular, magical, even when enlarged!

Nancy said...

Nice old fence, Rick. Great capture and b/w was a fine choice.

I believe Tricia is right. Your blog template might be too small to accomodate your photo. With a little tinkering, you should be able to publish larger photos.

Good luck!

Rick said...

LOL Dawn !! Too funny about your son, but hey, it works for me (unless I'm close to home, of course) and it looks like it's working for him ! Thank you.

Thanks, Randy ! I had first noticed the reflection as I drove by, but when I went back to make some photos I noticed the geometry of the scene. That's a nice square on the right, bisected in the middle by vertical and horizontal lines. Quick - how many degrees is each angle ;-)

Thank you Cloudia !

Thanks, Ruth - I would agree, even if it had been over 1/2 km !

Rick said...

Whoa there, Becky - that's a giant leap of faith, calling me an expert (definition of an 'expert' = a has-been drip ;-) As for your questions - 1) the size of a photo file (JPG) is determined by the amount of detail and colour in it, so for the same number of pixels you can have varying file sizes; you're doing the right thing by shooting at the highest quality (megapixels) your camera can capture - that gives you options in later processing e.g. cropping; 2) I don't have Photoshop, but this article gives a pretty good overview. Hope this helped.

Thanks Darlene - I had found that link also, but I don't think it addresses my issue. I'm not looking to post larger shots directly in my blog, but only when you click on the posted image. Blogger used to display larger images (up to 1200 x 900) but even when I upload images at 1120 x 840, they're only showing up at 800 x 600 max. I'll keep looking.

Rick said...

Thanks Tricia ! As for the photo size - I'm not trying to display a larger one in my blog (I always choose 'large') and it displays fine. It's when you click on the image to see a larger size that I'm lately seeing an issue - I upload a 1120 x 840 image but it will only display a 800 x 600 image when you click on the one displayed on the blog page; it used to display the size I uploaded.

Thank you Elizabeth. At that time of day the road is serene. But we can have up to 12 cars go by during our rush minute ! ;-)

Thank you, Cat. (see my response to Tricia - more explanation of the issue).

Dank je wel, Riet ! Ook een fijn weekeind; ik kom gauw even op bezoek.

Hi Magda - thank you very much ! Have a great weekend !

Rick said...

Obrigado, Soraia !

Thank you very much, Leovi !

Thanks Jeanne - if you hadn't guessed, I do like reflections, especially magical ones.

Thanks for visiting and following, and leaving a kind comment, Nancy ! I don't think I explained my original issue well yesterday - see my response to Tricia for another crack at it.

Saz said...

This is such a lovely photo! I really love it! Glad you finally have a break from the rain. (:

darlin said...

Rick when you figure it out can you please let me know, the info may come in useful one day or in the interim I can at least sound like I know what I'm talking about! lol Enjoy your day!

Rick said...

Ha - thanks Saz; we've only had a few short breaks from the rain. It rained again yesterday and most of today. Have a great weekend !

Hi Darlene - I think I answered the question in a more recent post. I bumped into Blogger's 1 Gb free space limit. Enjoy the rest of your Friday !

darlin said...

Yes thank you Rick. I read that. I'm learning more all the time about blogger. Now I wonder if this is a good thing or not? lol Have a great weekend!