Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scent from heaven

You may be familiar with the (true) legend of Johnny Appleseed. I think that he had a counterpart in this area who did the same for lilacs that Johnny did for apple trees. We live in a rural area where there is a lot of uncultivated land, and at this time of year it's quite easy to spot all the lilac bushes - either with one's eyes or one's nose. We're very blessed to have an abundance ourselves - they've just started opening and this evening I cut a large bunch. It really doesn't matter where in the house we put the vase because the fragrance now permeates every corner.

(60mm  f9.0  1/13 sec  ISO100)

click on photos for a larger image
(60mm  f5.6  1/100 sec  ISO100)

(10-22mm  f11  1/40 sec  ISO100)


Beyond My Garden said...

Beautiful lilacs. I love to see plants at old home sites.

darlin said...

Rick I just had to question why we don't have lilacs out here. I never even thought of these aromatic pretty flowers in a long time. I guess we do have a small bush, after Herb mentioned it then I remembered! ooops. I love your photos and the smell is heavenly. Lilacs remind me of my grandmother, she had huge lilac bushes and we used to hide in them as children. Such good memories, thank you for jarring them!

How's your internet these days? Can you post in less than 10 minutes yet? I hope so, it takes long enough with high speed internet never mind turtle speed. I sure love seeing your photos and reading your blogs, thank you for being persistent with your internet! :-)

Enjoy your evening!

magda said...

Mmmmm, smell beautiful until here!!!
Amazing colored photos!!
Many greetings

Leslie said...

Oh... I'm so jealous. I really miss the scent of lilacs...

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Lilacs are about the best smelling flowers around.I have never seen the pink kind,only different shades of purple.Mine are ready to open in a day or two.

imac said...

Magic, out theme this week for our Header is PInk,lol.

S. Etole said...

That pink lilac is a new one to me ... such beauty both here and in the apple blossoms.

Fábio Martins | Fotografia said...

Beautiful colors! Love the second picture

Michelle said...

Just when you don't think it can get better, it does. These are gorgeous.

You know...I have to admit there have been several times I've been tempted to give up, but then I see pictures like this that keep me going. One day...I'll get there. I hope. In the meantime, I'll keep enjoying beautiful captures like these.

Nancy said...

Lilacs are so pretty and fragrant. It's a shame the blooms don't last longer. :)

teca said...

Hum... you're special indeed!
Spectacular shots!

Hugs and love... many beijos.

Marty said...

j'adore les lilas et leur parfum !
chez nous c'est déjà fini, les lilas
sont fânés !
bisous Rick

Saz said...

Rick, these photo's are gorgeous! I have some lovely kalanchoe's in my room, and I've just had to re-pot them, because the roots are getting too big for the small pot they were in! They are about the same colour, but they are starting to get much more vibrant. (:

Rick said...

Thank you Nellie !

Darlene - I discovered lilacs when living in Calgary - they were different than the ones here in Ontario, but with the same fragrance ! So they do exist there. As for the internet issues - 'some days are diamonds, some days are stones' ! :( If I had any other option out here, I'd be on it like a fly on a .... well, you get the picture ;-)

Thank you Magda - I think the fragrance is almost strong enough to reach to Greece ;-)

Perhaps if the wind starts blowing towards the south, you might catch a whiff, Leslie ;-)

Rick said...

Thank you, Ruth - the fragrance is pure joy. These grow in profusion - mostly purple, a few white, and I'm not sure if some of these are pink or a light purple.

What a coincidence Stewart - this would have fit right in !

Thank you Susan - the pink might be a variant on the purple.

Obrigado, Fábio !

Rick said...

Thank you kindly, Michelle, but don't give up !! You're doing awesome - loved your macros today ! A 365 is a tough challenge - but the rewards are so worth it !

Thank you Nancy - I agree; they should have at least a 4-week bloom period, with maybe a 2nd shot in the fall ;-)

Obrigado teca ! I appreciate your kind words. Have a wonderful week. Many beijos for you, my friend !

Oui Marty - that fragrance is beyond words; our home and our yard is filled with it; you are left with its memory. Merci for your visit and I send you many fragrant bisous !

Thanks Saz ! (I had to look up kalanchoe - didn't know the name but recognized it when I saw the picture of it). Lovely to have some in your room - AND to have a green thumb ;-)

Tricia said...

I'd stop by & take some off your hands if I could... They're beautiful! =)

Soraia B. said...

I love the first photo! :D