Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cyber wasteland

Let me start by saying that many many people have far worse problems, so I'm keeping my little issue in perspective. It's taken about 20 minutes to get to this point in publishing a post this evening. I think it's my internet provider (again !) but with the blogger issues over the past few days, I'm not certain.

[I'm also on hold with the ISP (only 13 minutes, so far ...) and I'm simply glowing with warmth as the muzak is repeatedly interrupted with an announcement that my call is very important to them !]

I've tried visiting a few other blogs today but have to give up after taking 10-15 minutes to load a page - and that with only partial photos showing. So ...

Being somewhat of an optimist, I'm forging ahead with trying to post a Sunset Sunday shot. If that succeeds, and the ISP is able to determine and resolve the internet issues, I may come over to visit you. If not, I wish you all a great week, and I will persevere with the ISP. While this isn't a major crisis, it sure is getting frustrating.

(18-55mm  f6.3  1/1000 sec  ISO400)


Lisa RedWillow said...

This is stunning and so beautiful.
I had some problems also and sure a few did. I saw your last comment and its went with a few others when blogger was down. But I did see it so Thank you and
Thanks for asking. Im doing well. Very well.
Have a wonderful night .

S. Etole said...

the colors in this are magical ...

becky said...

Hey Rick,
well, first of all- beautiful shot! love it.
hmmmm, well... blogger- it completely ate my post from last week- gone, poof! Into the blackhole of cyberspace. I'm waiting to see if it comes back. Other than than, it seems to be functioning now. But I've heard of a few other problems- could definitely be your provider though. Well, good luck!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

I'm glad you persevered posting this shot, it's really beautiful. I haven't had trouble with blogger the last day or so, but I totally relate to the frustrations. Hope it gets worked out soon. Wish I could be more of a help, but this stuff totally puzzles me. Again, beautiful picture.

darlin said...

Rick you are a patient man! I detest when they say "Please continue to hold, your call is very important to us", like seriously, if we are important to them as they claim why not hire enough people to take the calls and show us how important we really are! K enough about that.

I love your photo, the color is stunning and the reflection is amazing! Were you down on your knees to take this shot? Whatever you did it totally works for this shot.

May your internet issues be your largest problem and I hope it's resolved soon. Have a wonderful week!

magda said...

Ooo Rick
This is a GREAT photo !!!!
Raflections, sunset colors, all wonterful!!!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This is an azmaing picture.It looks peaceful,not like the frustration of computer and blogger problems.

Michelle said...

Rick, this is beautiful. If you ever publish a book with your scenery or sunset shots...drop me a line so I can buy one. You are a very gifted photographer!

Bummer about the computer problems. I hope they're resolved soon.

chasity said...

it's a beautiful sunset... love the perspective from down low.

hope your computer blues are over soon.


Scott said...

Good to see you on the board again and I hope your internet issues are resolved. Love this sunset. Just the right amount of flora and great reflections.

Leslie said...

beautiful sunset, and i hope you get your internet issues solved, blogger included!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there you...glad things worked out. And this one is simply gobsmacking beautiful.

Jeezz yea that issue...keeps bugging us it seems. Although I was fine during the last two days.

happpy days my friend.

imac said...

Fantastic shot Rick, just like the sun your internet is going down, Ive had troubles what with blogger last week and not working - or very slow, weve changed to Virgin Media, after sorting out teething probs, its going well and its fast.
Good luck Rick.

Marty said...

quel joli coucher de soleil !
et demain est un autre jour !
je te souhaite une belle semaine Rick
et je t'envoie plein de french bisous

Soraia B. said...

Amazing! :D

Saz said...

This photo is absolutely stunning! Your such a brilliant photographer Rick!

I hope your internet is fixed soon!

Fábio Martins | Fotografia said...

A composição está bem trabalhada!

Cloudia said...

what a great shot, Rick!

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral




Bitch said...

I love this sunset. It is very special.
We all have problems to connect.
So, never mind...

CarreraCaballo said...

This perspective makes the Bamboos (???) look like massive trees, I like it a lot :)



Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

what a serene and peaceful photo!
got to see this one.

i often think the sunrising is my fav time of day-but this sunset just caught my breath!

Fantastic shot!!

lisa said...

Hi Rick!
As I read through some blogs, I am finding that some people lost a post or two with the Blogger issues, and others lost their entire site. It really was frustrating. I am sure glad you were able to post this! It is just gorgeous, and I love the perspective!

Have a wonderful day, and I hope the Internet issues are far behind you now.

Gabriela Pana said...

so beautiful...

Minusca said...

Fantastic and exciting image!
Have a nice evening, kiss

Tricia said...

What an extraordinary sunset... seriously! =)

I understand the frustration... if you pay for something, it should work! That's how I feel about it!!! =)

Rick said...

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments (and your empathy for my internet connection - I think it's working at a reasonable level again *fingers crossed*). I see too that others got hit by blogger - bummer !

note to Darlene & Jospeh - I did crouch down a bit to get that grass against the sunset - it was a good 10' tall though !

mariiana capela fotografia said...


Jeanne Klaver said...

Truly beautiful!

teca said...

What a phenomenal picture, honey! I loved it!
Don't worry about your Internet, we'll understand.
It's always a pleasure to come here!
Have a beautiful weekend, honey.

Rick said...

Thank you Mariiana !

Thanks Jeanne !

I'm a little late getting back here, teca - thank you for your visits and wonderful comments. It's always a pleasure hearing from you. I wish you a superb weekend and send you many warm beijos.