Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Come join the hike

Watch your step and I'll continue the tour I started Saturday. After following the path from the road for a short distance, we come upon a cliff and we see the first waterfalls through the trees. We don't get too near the edge - the rocks are slippery and it's a 6m/20' drop to the rocks below.

(18-55mm  f8.0  1/320 sec  ISO200)

After watching the water cascade over the falls for a while, we'll pick our way to the left down a wet path to the river side, stepping over fallen logs as we go. At the far end, another surprise awaits us, but we'll save it for another day.

(10-22mm  f11.0  1/20 sec  ISO200)

On the other side of the river, a small tributary has found a channel through the rocks and is hurrying to be part of the mainstream.

(70-200mm  f11.0  1/20 sec  ISO200)


Cat said...

Rick, I love the movement you've captured in the second photograph! It seems as if the river is rushing by at great speed...looks like a wonderful hike.

Bitch said...

What a beautiful country.
You must have enjoyed these moments.....

Riet said...

Wat een prachtige foto's Rick.Een mooie reis maak je daar

Marty said...

cette forĂȘt est superbe et sauvage !
tes images sont magnifiques !
j'adore les cascades ! merci pour
cette belle promenade et j'attends avec impatience les autres surprises!
c'est cool si tu comprends mes mots !
moi je comprends les tiens en anglais! que demander de plus ? La vie est belle !
une nouvelle cascade de bisous pour toi Rick !

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I am enjoying this hike.The scenery is gorgeous and the promise of more treats is exciting.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

I wonder how Sasha does on these hikes. I don't think I could keep my dog from exploring a waterfall. Beautiful spot. As always!! (Because apparently you live in some parallel universe where there is nothing but beautiful scenery around!) Lol.

imac said...

Cant wait for the next post of this walk Rick.

Saz said...

Wow Rick! What gorgeous photo's. I really can't wait for the next post now! Looks absolutely beautiful.

darlin said...

Now I'm in suspense, I'm also looking forward to seeing what you found.

These photos are stunning, I'd love to just sit by the falls for an entire afternoon, just me and my books... mind you these books and the sound of water flowing just might put me to sleep so I'd best keep myself planted right here for now.

How's the internet service now? Have they finally resolved the issues?

Have a fantastic evening!

teca said...

Wonderful shots, honey! I loved them!
Thank you for sharing beauty!
Have a great Wednesday.
Beijos, joy an warm hug.

Cloudia said...

oh Canada!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral




Sharon M said...

Beautiful! It all looks very refreshing.

Katherine said...

Howdy there Rick! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it was nice to get your message. Visiting your blog and seeing these truly amazing images has lit a fire in my belly. It has been such a long time since I've visited the rainforest near where I live and I really do miss it. It one of the places I feel most at peace. Everything looks so lush and green in these picks... simply beautiful.

Katherine said...

Woops a daisy .. I forgot to say how much I love your new photo (pink flowers) on your blog header.. so beautiful!

magda said...

Amazing photos Rick!!!
Very nice place !!!!
Thank you for the walk!
Many greetings

Rick said...

Thank you, Cat. Yes, although the river might appear to be calm, it actually was rushing by fairly quickly. This beautiful area is within 2 miles of where my son lives - I will go back there some time soon.

Hi Monika - I love going to places like this - I spent over 2 hours just along a small stretch of the river, in the company of many mosquitoes ;-)

Dank je wel, Riet. Ja, ik ga er nog een keer terug.

Merci beaucoup, Marty ! I shall soon take you on the rest of the hike - glad you enjoyed it so far. I send plenteous bisous to keep you while you wait.

Thank you Ruth - I too enjoyed every minute of it.

Rick said...

I usually keep Sasha on a (long) leash, Elizabeth, for exactly that reason - tough to keep an eye on her AND focus on photography. LOL - parallel universe ! There's beauty everywhere (and I know you know that).

Sorry to disappoint tonight Stewart - this week though - promise ;-)

Thank you Saz (that's one reason I take a watch with me if I'm expected home by a certain time - otherwise I'd never get out of places like this ! ;-)

Thanks Darlene - yes, another place for weary souls looking for some peace. You'd never get anything else done at a place like this. Internet is quite slow tonight ... will have to see if I can make some visits - apparently they're still working on identifying the problem.

Thank you for coming by again, teca, and leaving your kind words. Many warm beijos for you - I will be by soon (I hope).

Rick said...

LOL Cloudia ! A mere ripple in the water compared to Hawaii waterfalls ! But very green too at this time of year. Thank you !

Thanks Sharon - yes, it's that spring, virginal 'green-ness' that does it, I think.

Hi Katherine. Thank you - I'm glad these shots have inspired you to take camera in hand and get out there and make beautiful photos - I hope to come and see some soon ! Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you, Magda - I'll take you on the second part soon. A wonderful weekend to you.

Soraia B. said...


darlin said...

Any progress on the internet yet Rick or do they take weekends off?

Rick said...

Thank you, Soraia !

Must take weekends off, Darlene - I'll be calling them Tuesday to see what they've found so far. Frustrating 'cause sometimes it works ok and other times it's almost dead :(