Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday reward

We've had a dearth of sunsets here lately, and as I've noticed from some blogs I was able to visit, we're not alone in this. Seems the April showers baton was handed off to May, and although May did produce the promised flowers, you had to act quickly to grab the opportunity to shoot them. I lingered awhile this past week when I visited the village of Merrickville since it was one of those infrequent days without rain, and I was rewarded with this sunset.

(18-55mm  f9.0  1/50 sec  ISO200)

click on photo for a larger view

If you're also a fan of sunsets, be sure to visit Scott's Sunset Sunday post.


Elizabeth Grimes said...

Another photo that seems too perfect to be true! I think I found my next vacation spot.

Cloudia said...


Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral



teca said...

Ufff! You are outstanding!
Left me speechless today!

Have a wonderful week, honey!
Lots of beijos with joy and love.

Farmchick said...

Looks like a painting. Just perfection.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This is a stunning picture.I took the time to enlarge it and was rewarded with its true beauty.

becky said...

Lovely sunsets, Rick... now let's see a sunrise, ha ha ha :) just kidding! love you new header, too!

Scott said...

Glad you hung around for this. Lovely sunset.

darlin said...

Another masterpiece captured by Rick Zoete! Fantastic color, beautiful sunset and definitely worth the wait!

Arti said...

Very very beautifully captured... Nature in its full glory... Have a great week ahead:)

imac said...

Thats a Gudun Rick, love that reflection too.

Nancy said...


Yes, sunrises and sunsets have been scarce lately. I'm hoping that will change soon. :)

Marty said...

voilà un coucher de soleil de toute
beauté ! des reflets dans l'eau, un ciel superbe ! on s'assoit dans l'herbe (si elle n'est pas mouillée !) et on regarde en silence !
c'est pas merveilleux ???
je t'écris en français pour que tu
progresses encore, lol !!!
bisous oranges comme le soleil, le soir quand il disparait derrière les arbres !

Joke van de Klift said...

Hoi Rick,
Leuk weer wat van je te horen, wat een prachtige foto's heb je weer en zonsondergang of opgang is altijd fantastisch!!!
Wij hebben een warm en zonnig voorjaar gehad, maar ook wel wat koude en winderige dagen hoor.
Gisteren was het nog stormachtig en vandaag straalt de zon en is het 26 C heel wisselvallig dus.
Echt Hollands weer zal ik maar zeggen.

Groetjes hé en tot horens.

CarreraCaballo said...

A rewarding sunset and a perfect not-phony HDR, I love it, Rick :-)



Krista said...

Rick, this is simply fantastic! I love how the colours are muted yet vibrant at the same time. I'm not sure that even makes sense, but that's what I see. :o)

Thanks for the Monday morning pick-me-up! :o)

Andrew Etchen said...

That is an excellent capture Rick!
Amazing photo.

Leovi said...

Beautiful and charming landscape of sky and reflections deliciously warm. Greetings

Saz said...

Wow Rick. I really love this photo. It's so soft, and gentle. Definitely something I'd use for my desktop background! (:

M. Hassan said...

Hi rick, back to holland for a week and just wanted to say hi. Happy to see you're still around and doing what you like most.

Fábio Martins | Fotografia said...


Lisa RedWillow said...

Rick this is so beautiful.
Your new hearder is stunning also.

lisa said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!!

Rick said...

It's only about a 7-hour drive from NYC, Elizabeth ! Beautiful country.

Thank you, Cloudia !

Obrigado, teca. Have a beautiful week - many beijos to keep you warm !

Thank you Farmchick - it was a perfect spring evening, sent off by a sunset.

Thank so much Ruth. I hope your week is off to a good start !

Rick said...

Thank you, Becky. As for a sunrise, well, maybe if I stay up REAL late ;-)

Thank you kindly, Scott.

Thanks very much Darlene - He paints, I capture. Have a great Tuesday !

Thanks for your visit and lovely comment, Arti. I hope your week is going well !

LOL - thanks Stewart ;-)

Rick said...

Thanks Nancy - supposed to be dry here this week - hope the same goes for you !

Merci, merci Marty !! Your language lessons are helping improve my reading skills mais my writing skills are not doing so well. May the sun also smother you with many warm bisous - have a wonderful week !

Hoi Joke - ook leuk dat je weer even op bezoek komt. Bedankt voor je mooi commentaar. 'T is vandaag lekker warm geweest - we genieted van 28C ! 'T zal nu wel snel vol op zomer worden - het voorjaar duurt hier niet lang. Fijne week, en ja, tot horens !

Joseph - nice to hear from you - thank you for your kind words. Hope all is going well.

Rick said...

Hi Krista ! Good to see that you survived another round in PV ! ;-) While I've been slaving away up here behind the camera ! Thanks for your nice comment (I understood ;-)

Thank you very much, Andrew.

Gracias, Leovi - thanks for visiting.

Thanks Saz, and feel free ;-)

Rick said...

Well, what a surprise M ! How are things with you ? I'll have to see if your blog is still there and come over for a visit. Enjoy your week back in Holland, and thanks for visiting.

Obrigado Fábio; I tried to access your blog last night but blogger said it no longer existed. Will try again.

Thank you very much, Lisa R. !

Thank you, Lisa !

M. Hassan said...

Things are fine with me, only here to apply for a visa to Angola where I might be getting a job.

My blog is there, but I think you'll have to un-follow and follow again for you to start getting my updates. The blog is still up and running.

Have a nice day!

Katherine said...

What can I say that has not already been said Mr Rick .. this is breathtakingly stunning. We really do have such a beautiful world to live in, dont we!

magda said...

Fantastic sunset-photo!!!
Very nice colors and so calm...
Best regards

Rick said...

You're really getting around, aren't you M ! Now off to Angola. Never been there so if you make it there I hope you post a lot of photos on your blog. Good luck !

Hi Katherine - nice to see you back for a visit. I'm trying to catch up on comments - thank you for your kind words. Hope all is going well with you in your part of this beautiful world.

Thank you very much, Magda !

M. Hassan said...

If I get there safely, you'll be seeing a lot of interesting photos, I promise.

Soraia B. said...

WOW awesome photo!

darlin said...

And you capture extremely well! :-)

Rick said...

Looking forward to it, M !

Obrigado, Soraia !

Thank you, Darlene !!

Interesting Foto said...

beautifully captured

Rick said...

Thank you, Richard !