Monday, May 9, 2011

The trillium

It's that time of year when Ontario's designated provincial flower (trillium grandiflorum) covers the forest floor with a carpet of white 3-petaled flowers. It seems to have an affinity for maple and beech forests. I crawled around in last fall's leaves this evening to make some photos of this magnificent species. I also found another species known as Trillium erectum which seems to be far less common, at least in these parts. Its burgundy flowers contrast nicely with the white variety.

Natural propagation of trilliums is accomplished by ants which take the seeds back to their nests - they feed the fleshy part attached to the seed to their larvae. White-tailed deer also have a fondness for trilliums and thereby help disperse their seeds.

(10-22mm  f4.5  1/50 sec  ISO400)

click on photos to enlarge
(60mm  f8.0  1/30 sec  ISO400)

(10-22mm  f9.0  1/6 sec  ISO400)

 (10-22mm  f9.0  1/20 sec  ISO400)


Marty said...

ces fleurs magnifiques sont sauvages?
poussent dans la forêt ? quelle
merveille ! dis-moi si elles sont
parfumées ! je les aime en blanc, mais en rouge aussi !
je te souhaite une belle journée de
printemps Rick et voici des white and red bisous !

Laura~DancesWithTeddyBears said...

Wonderful images!
We have white trillium in our Pacific Northwest forests, but I've never seen burgundy. It's lovely.
Thanks for sharing!

darlin said...

Welcome home Rick. So how was the wedding? I hope you enjoyed yourself and had some fun.

I love your shots, the flowers are very nice. Do we get them here in Alberta as well or do you know? I just don't have the time right now to go wondering through the forest unfortunately but soon enough I'll be able to be a forest wanderer if I so choose, an educated one at that! lol Have a fantastic day!

darlin said...

p.s. I have the 70-200mm now and I can totally see what you mean. I LOVE it! Now I wonder how did I ever get along without it before? lol Thanks for the tips! Now to find or make time to use it and I'll be one happy camper. :-)

ju-north said...

Love these small flowers! (Also find the camera settings helpful!)

magda said...

Oooo Rick
Wonterful photos!!!
Amazing flowers in the forest, especially the red!
Many greetings

bicocacolors said...

Rick beautiful flowers that never I have seen!!
Thanks for showing them!!

Soraia B. said...

Beautiful flowers :D

Thank you very much!

becky said...

Howdy Rick,
love your new header! glad you were out "crawlin' around" to get these shots- well worth it, and always nice to be close to the earth anyhow!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Amazing pictures.I especially like the golden light in the background,it gives a richness to the pictures.

Tiago Braga said...

swet record

Leovi said...

Beautiful flowers, with an interesting texture and color.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

fantastic captures!

what a lovely flower, Rick.

thanks for sharing this beauty. :)

hope you're having a nice day!


S. Etole said...

we have the white trilliums here but I've never seen the red ones ... beautiful.

Jeanne Klaver said...

I've never seen these flowers. They are so delicate looking. I admire you for getting down on their level. :)

pumpkydine said...

Beautiful flowers and beautifully captured in their natural surroundings!

pumpkydine said...

Oh Yea! Who's your little friend hiding out on the back of a leaf in your header photo? Looks like an arachnid(spider) but I wasn't sure.

imac said...

Real beauty Rick, and that last shot is just brill.

Cat said...

The red is so that you used it in your header!

CarreraCaballo said...

I love the boat propeller like flower, looks very mechanical. I guess it is my favorite flora now :-)



Fábio Martins | Fotografia said...

Great details. Really :)

Farmchick said...

Beautiful captures of a flower I am not really familiar with. The red one is my favorite.

Rick said...

Bonjour Marty ! Yes, these flowers grow wild in the forest ! You have to enjoy their beauty, but alas, they have no fragrance. But I send you some sweet-perfumed bisous, Marty !

Thank you, Laura. We also have an abundance of white, but I found a patch of burgundy behind an old fence - more than I'd ever seen in one place before.

Hi Darlene - the wedding was quite nice and we had a great time seeing family and old friends (well, not THAT old ;-) No, you won't find trilliums in Alberta so you'll have to rely on photos. A wander in the forest is very good for the soul - all life's stress can be left behind and you can use your new lens ;-) Good decision btw. Thanks Darlene.

Thank you Julia (and you're welcome ;-)

Rick said...

Thank you, Magda. The forest is full of wildflowers right now - I need to go back. again ! Have a wonderful week.

Thanks Elena - glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for your visit and comment !

Thank you Soraia, and you`re welcome ;-)

Thank you Becky, and I agree - sometimes it`s the only way to make the shot ! ;-)

Rick said...

Thank you, Ruth.

Thanks Tiago.

Gracias, Leovi.

Thanks so much, Betty. These grow in abundance in the woods here. Have a wonderful week !

Thank you Susan - we have lots of the white too, but the red are rarer.

Alexander Rozinov said...

Wonderful flowers and shots!

darlin said...

Rick don't you have the really old family and friends at weddings? ;-) We always do here and I'm not sure who has more fun, the young ones, the middle or the oldest.

I shall watch for your photos of these lovely flowers and appreciate them from afar through your lens, they are so pretty. You're right a walk in the forest is amazingly good for the soul, so was walking my dog tonight but I left the camera at home. I'll wait until I'm out in the country again and check it out with the new lens. Now I want to go and pack up my car and go for a drive! lol


Bitch said...

Marvelous!! And the story about the ants,
amazing, Rick!!

Saz said...

Wow, what gorgeous flowers. (:

They are so stunning!

Scott said...

What beautiful wild flowers. The whites and the reds just couldn't be any richer or prettier.

Rick said...

Thank you Jeanne - they are very beautiful, and getting down to their level was the only way to capture them ;-)

Thank you Randy ! And you're right about my little helper in the header ;-)

Thanks very much, Stewart ! Glad to see you're back.

Rick said...

Thank you Cat (I figured it was time for a change !)

Ha ha LOL Joseph - I'd never looked at it that way ;-)

Obrigado, Fábio !

Thank you Farmchick - they're distribution is fairly limited - more northerly than Kentucky.

Rick said...

Thank you, Alexander !

Well, they're not THAT old, Darlene ;-) But there was a wide range of ages and all seemed to be having a good time ! I'll be looking for photos you made with your new lens ! Happy shooting.

Thank you Monika (I was curious about this plant so I looked it up and learned something too !).

Thanks, Saz - they're in abundance right now - but they aren't around for long so I enjoy them while I can.

Thank you, Scott - we're blessed with all sorts of wildflowers here; it's a pleasure to go on a discovery hike.

CarreraCaballo said...

It is all in the eyes of the beholder, eh!?
Hehehe . . . :-)



lisa said...

Truly so very beautiful. Mine are a bit beyond their peak now, but they are still such stunning flowers.

darlin said...

oops, sorry I had the wrong Lisa. I'll get back to my studies and behave now! lol

teca said...

It really is a beautiful flower and... different with its three petals.
The white flowers are beautiful and the magenta gives a special joy near the green.

Many beijos and a warm hug.

Rick said...

Thank you Alexander !

Yep Darlene - young, old, middle old (kinda where I fit in ;-) - they're all there. Blogger ate my earlier comments :( I hope you got that walk in the woods - for your soul !

Thank you Monika !

Thanks Saz !

Thank you Scott - I sure missed them while I lived 15 years out west (but there was other compensation !).

Thank you so much Teca - we are really blessed here with wildflowers ! Have a wonderful week - many beijos for you !!

darlin said...

Rick you must be exhausted, I hope you took a few deep breaths while you were responding. Wow, I remember last year, I believe it was March or April when I first found your blog, (I don't even remember how I did or how that worked) but I think that you had five or so followers and look at you go now! I've enjoyed your photos over this past year and some and you never cease to amaze me with your God given talents. I also love your sense of humor, I love our chats on Joseph's wall and the fun I have conversing with both of you. Joseph should move to Canada, he has our sort of humor going on! lol I'm going to have to tell him that.

Now what was I going to say to begin with here? hmmm Oh ya, with the long weekend just around the corner you bet I'm heading out to the farm and then I'll get to take my walk in the forest if I get all of my work done... wait a second, I'm going to go for my walk no matter what! Work has to be the most patient thing in the world, it waits and waits and never goes anywhere! lol Have a fantastic Thursday!

Rick said...

Hi Darlene - I'm backtracking and trying to catch up and respond to comments (although I always read them in my email right away). Thanks for your kind words - I really enjoy blogging and meeting people on here, especially those who share the same passion. You and Joseph have made a point of maintaining regular contact, and I appreciate both your sense of humour. Ha ha - good comment about work - no one ever says at the end of their lives that they wish they had worked more ! Life's too short ! Enjoy the rest of your week !

darlin said...

Thanks for the smile Rick, I needed a break from this darn paperwork. It just doesn't end! I just get one thing done and look at the pile and there's another 50 hours of it piled up! lol Have a fantastic weekend, any plans for the long weekend?