Tuesday, September 14, 2010

(Day 245) Up, up and away

Thursday Sept. 2, 2010

We've been planning this trip for over half a year. Tickets were ordered and a place to stay was confirmed, as was a rental car, since we like to explore the places we go to at our own pace, and sometimes well off the beaten path. The itinerary promised a long journey of almost 8,000 km/5,000 mi. This was one of the last scenes we saw as we sped away from the setting sun, on to our adventure.

NOTE: I found a reliable place to use the internet, but have limited access. Will try to post as opportunity permits.

(18-55mm  f8  1/2000 sec  ISO100)


jasmin said...

viele, viele Grüße in die Ferne,
many regards, the Aberteuer I admire very much this opportunity to take the good I find, the time pass quickly, and years, there are so many beautiful impressions on this journey, Love Jasmin ....

marty said...

I'm happy tu read you again with this
gorgeous image ! I think you spend
wonderful holidays and I wait for
the next images !!!
je t'envoie des bisous au loin et te
souhaite des moments merveilleux !
à bientôt !!!

Katherine said...

Hey Rick..great to hear from you & I love this shot.. it looks like it's straight from the pages of a holy book! White beams of healing sun rays lighting up a river of gold..so pretty!!Safe travels to you both, have a wonderful holiday!!

CarreraCaballo said...

Welcome back - Stunning photo - The river is so breathtaking-ly golden :-)

Any gold inside? - LOL :-D



Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful scene.

becky said...

Trip to where? What country are you in? I'll have to google the names of the places on your top photos.... wow! adventure!

darlin said...

Stunning photo Rick, stunning artwork created by God Himself and your gift of capturing it magnificently work so well together!