Saturday, September 25, 2010

(Day 265) Our urn runneth over

Wednesday Sept. 22, 2010

If you want guaranteed weather for your next vacation, I can readily recommend Rhodes - at least in September. We're told that July and August are extremely hot, and there's lots of rain in the winter months, but September is perfect, unless you consider blue skies and warm (30+ C/86+ F) every day boring. Today was no exception, weather-wise, and we turned it into a recovery day from yesterday's adventure by lounging around at the beach until late afternoon.

Just before returning to our villa, we stopped at a lovely little spot in Faliraki, almost hidden from view across from a beach parking lot. (I don't know if this is considered an urn, but it was too large to call a cup).

(10 - 22mm  f11  1/200 sec  ISO200)


Carolyn Ford said... sit beside one of those would be SO refreshing! Exquisite light too...nice!

Julia said...

Is that someones backyard? You should put something like that by your pond!!

Juan Antonio Torrón Castro said...

Tienes un bonito blog, te sigo.

Esta foto me gusta mucho.

Un saludo.

Rick said...

@Carolyn Ford - thanks Carolyn; we sat there a while just to enjoy the surroundings, the sound of water and the fading sunlight.

Rick said...

@Julia - lol; it was a little too large for carry-on ;-) But I agree, it would look lovely here, and no, it was a little park.

Rick said...

@Juan Antonio Torrón Castro - gracias tanto y tiene un día maravilloso !