Saturday, September 25, 2010

(Day 258) Anchors away

Wednesday Sept. 15, 2010

Well, we haven't been able to say that yet, although we're looking at potentially going on a 1-day trip by ferry to another island next week. We were looking for a cafe in Soroni this morning, but the one we found on the beach was still closed - and we were the only ones around. As we went to leave, I spotted this huge anchor perched in the middle of the traffic circle there. I could only guess at what size vessel this must have been used on - the links of the chain were enormous, as was the anchor itself. There's likely a very interesting story behind the anchor and the ship to which it was once attached, but there was no one to ask.

(10-22mm  f11  1/1000 sec  ISO800)


becky said...

Great angle on the anchor, my eyes are carried right through to the white sandy beach & that blue ocean!

Rick said...

@becky - thanks becky; I actually started to drive off after finding the cafe closed, but stopped to make a couple of photos here.