Saturday, September 25, 2010

(Day 257) Where have all the tourists gone

Tuesday Sept. 14, 2010

While walking around in various towns and villages on Rhodes, we've noticed that a lot of establishments are wanting for tourists. Now, that's not because the places aren't appealing, but because the season is winding down, even though the temperatures by our standards are still right up there in the vacation range. A second reason, however, that we discovered in an interesting discussion with our villa manager today, is that large hotel chains have moved in, offering all-inclusives, which is keeping people out of local establishments.

This evening we were in Faliraki and I caught this little boy, standing at the front of what is likely his parents' establishment, looking forlornly at the passing people, while his father is making preparations for people who may not come.

(10-22mm  f5.6  1/15 sec  ISO800)

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