Saturday, September 25, 2010

(Day 251) Dust to dust

Wednesday Sept. 8, 2010

Today we travelled to the town of Lindos, site of the acropolis and the temple of Lindian Athena dating back to the 6th century BC, and earlier. The Knights of St. John built the walls of the fortification which surround the acropolis in the 14th century AD. Even today they are very impressive, and they served the Knights well for over two hundred years.

The large columns of the temple are lying in giant pieces, scattered throughout the area. The walls of the fortifications are crumbling into dust. Efforts are underway to restore the site as best as possible using the remaining pieces. Who knows, when the builders were building these originally, if they gave much thought to how long they would last. They too are long gone, returned to the dust where from they also came. And such is the destiny of all, mighty and small.

(18-55mm  f11  1/500 sec  ISO200)

(18-55mm  f11  1/100 sec  ISO200)


Katherine said...

Wow Rick. I just helped my son finish a highschool project a few weeks ago on Ancient Greece & the history within these ruins is both intriguing & amazing. It must feel really special to be able tot stand among it & see it with your naked eyes. Great stuff!

Rick said...

@Katherine - that was a recurring theme in so many places we visited - to imagine people living there so many centuries ago and walking on the same steps. And of course those ancient people picked the spots with the best views !

Krista said...

Wow! So much history in one spot. It really is gorgeous!

Rick said...

@Krista - yes, and it was hard to imagine all the people who walked and lived in these places and events that occurred there, right where we were walking and standing !