Saturday, September 25, 2010

(Day 264) Sailing off into the sunset

Tuesday Sept. 21, 2010

Today we were not only in two different countries, but also on two different continents within a few miles of each other. We sailed out of Rhodes harbour and about 2 hours later we entered the harbour at Marmaris, Turkey. It was a very interesting experience, especially visiting the Grand Old Bazaar.

In the late afternoon, our ship returned to Rhodes and as we neared the harbour I saw the large cruise ship I'd seen tied up there in the morning getting underway. It passed to the west of us and we watched as the ship with its hundreds of passengers and complement of crew sailed off into the sunset. We still had several days left to enjoy this wonderful island.

(10 - 22mm  f11  1/200 sec  ISO200)


teca said...

I'm delighted with such wonder that you're posting here for us.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you veru much!

A great Sunday!

Kisses with love.

Rick said...

@teca - thanks for your comments teca. It was my pleasure - in many ways. The only difficulty I had was in trying to choose a photo to post each day.

I hope your weekend is a beautiful one. Beijos !!

becky said...

Lucky, lucky you! Looks like such an amazing trip. The ocean at sunset (or sunrise) is so peaceful looking.

Rick said...

@becky - it was amazing ! And you're right about the ocean - although I only saw it at sunset.