Saturday, September 25, 2010

(Day 256) Marketing 101

Monday Sept. 13, 2010

We've made a point of trying to visit many different places on Rhodes. And given the hot and dry weather conditions we've had so far, that includes a beach almost every day. A different beach can be found over the crest of every hill. Some are sandy, others have pebbles, and a few others have stones and even large lava rocks. But, the brochures claim and the roadside signs proclaim, each is the most beautiful on Rhodes !

Today was a purely beach day - relaxing in the warm waters of the Aegean Sea and seaside with a good book. There weren't even any clouds to drift slowly by. The beach was named Tsambika, but due to the winds which approached gale strength by mid-afternoon, we re-christened it 'sand blasta'.

(10-22mm  f11  1/400 sec  ISO200)


becky said...

It looks lovely... until the wind!

Rick said...

@becky - it actually was, and better in the water, away from the flying sand !