Saturday, September 25, 2010

(Day 263) Near the end of the day

Monday Sept. 20, 2010

We made our way to Faliraki harbour this evening after putting in a 'hard' day at Kolympia Beach - it's amazing how tired a day at the beach can make one feel. All sorts of small vessels come here at the end of the day - some used for cruising to various beaches along the coast of Rhodes, others used for water sports, and many that are still used for fishing.

When the tourists have gone off to a cafe for dinner, many of the boat operators are still busy with cleaning their boats, readying them for the next day's outing. We watched as fishermen were mending nets and checking their equipment. While it was nearing the end of the day, they were not yet nearing the end of their work.

(10 - 22mm  f11  1/100 sec  ISO200)


Carolyn Ford said...

I WANT to go to Rhodes! It's YOUR fault!

Rick said...

@Carolyn Ford - you'd never regret it !