Saturday, November 6, 2010

(Day 310) Beachside

I think that I've probably mentioned that I have problems following 'The Rules' at times. It probably explains why I fit in so well within a couple of days with the Greek drivers on Rhodes on our recent vacation - it was obvious that the driving rules were to be treated more as guidelines. My wife, to her credit, has kept me out of more trouble than I care to remember by being a more strict observer of 'The Rules'.

Today we found ourselves on a beautiful beach near Naples. I think I saw a sign with lots of rules, among which was the prohibition of animals on the beach. Now I don't consider Sasha an 'animal' - she's simply part of the family, so she accompanied us - well ok, me - onto the beach, despite my wife's protestations. We do clean up after her - I can understand keeping animals off the beach whose owners don't do that. Of course, who cleans up after all the pelicans, seagulls, and other flying bombs ? Right, I thought so. At any rate, we only walked along the beach for a little while - and if we hadn't, I wouldn't be able to show you just how nice that beach is.

(10-22mm  f11  1/640 sec  ISO200)

(70-200mm  f11  1/500 sec  ISO200)

(70-200mm  f11  1/1000 sec  ISO200)


teca said...

I loved the pictures, Rick! The second is very cute but funny: it seems a meeting between friends. :D

Kisses and enjoy a lot your ride!

Best wishes.

Carolyn Ford said...

I love walking on Florida beaches...the sand goes on forever! And, it seems there are so many places with nearly no one in sight! ...except the big name areas, of course...I love the little sandpipers and their reflections. What a cute composition of them all hanging out together in a group!

Katherine said...

They are most certainly beautiful & I am pleased that you managed to get a walk on the beach with Sasha before the Beach Police found you & fined you!! It is quite a steep fine here in Australia if you take a dog onto a "no dog" zoned beach!! Really stupid if you ask me!!
How beautiful are those little birds ... are they a breed of seagull?? We don't have them here, at least I don't think we do!

darlin said...

Rick you have found paradise, it's beautiful... absolutely beautiful! I think I might have dreamed of being on beaches such as this, but never been YET. Beautiful crystal clear photos, thank you for sharing Florida... another place to dream of.

There should be a law against laws of taking your best friend out for a walk! I can see fining those who don't clean up after their pets, but other than that well plain out it's stupid in my opinion!

Leovi said...

Three beautiful photos. Highlight the beautiful light of the beach and some great frames.

jasmin said...

lieber Rick,
in der Vergrößerung, ist das Sehen wirklich ein großes Sehen und man ist mitten drin und weit weg vom Alltag....
viele Grüße von Jasmin

becky said...

Hello Rick,
Yes, the beach looks beautiful... I love the little sandpipers! I got a chuckle when you said " I don't think of Sasha as an animal." It would have been funny if you'd have to explain theat to the "beach police!"
Good that you have your wife to balance you out!

marty said...

une plage de rêve Rick - ici il fait si froid, il pleut aussi ! j'aimerais être là-bas, au
soleil, sur le sable blanc !!
but this is only a dream !!
big bisous d'une cold France

Alexander DeLarge said...

GREAAT shot that one of the (flock?) of birds! Love the three of them, anyway...


julia said...

Une belle plage!, j adore la colonie d´oiseaux tous de la même couleur et ranger en petit bataillon, trés belles images de cette plage.
Un saludo.

Rick said...

@teca - thank you very much teca; yes - all those little feet running together as if to avoid the wave ! Many beijos for you !

@Carolyn Ford - yes, I agree; perhaps this is the lull before a lot of tourists head this way to escape the cold. These little guys were so neat running back and forth with the waves. Thanks Carolyn.

@Katherine - yes - dumb law for dumb people ... Those little birdies are sandpipers - not sure if they always hang out together like that but they were really cool running back and forth.

Rick said...

@darlin - thank you; the beaches are pristine and this one in particular had beautiful, white, soft sand. You're preaching to the choir about stupid laws ! ;-)

@Leovi - thank you Leovi; I was surprised at the reflections of the birds in the water.

@jasmin - danke Jasmin; I hope your weekend was very good. Thank you for visiting und hertzliche Grüße !

Rick said...

@becky - ha ha; I wasn't planning on trying that line but would likely have pleaded ignorance as one of those dumb canajuns ;-)

@marty - there are always tradeoffs - beautiful beaches in place of beautiful fall foliage; I hope your weather improves Marty - plein de chaud bisous pour toi !

@Alexander DeLarge - thank you Alex ! Have a great week ahead.

Rick said...

@julia - LOL - a small battalion of birds - I like that, and they all ran in order away from the wave ! Merci Julia !

M. Hassan said...

First shot is awesome!

Rick said...

@M. Hassan - thank you M !