Sunday, November 14, 2010

(Day 318) On golden canal

We've been exploring the neighbourhood by taking Sasha for walks, especially in the evenings when it's a little cooler for her. Across the street is a canal which ends about a block west of us. I decided to walk there late this afternoon to see if there might be some 'wildlife' near it. I did spot a couple of turtles making their way leisurely across it, and a few fish jumped, but I found no alligators lurking by its banks. As the sun was setting, however, the north bank took on a golden glow, and I sat by the edge and watched it deepen. Even though this spot is in the suburbs and cars whizzed by just a few feet behind me, there was a sense of solitude. It was only broken when 3 youngsters appeared to do some fishing. And they assured me that YES, there were certainly alligators in that canal - THEY had seen one before ! Guess I'll have to come back here again in that case.

(18-55mm  f14  1/8 sec  ISO200)

Since it's Sunday I'm also posting a sunset photo as part of Scott's Sunset Sunday theme. This was taken yesterday evening from the bridge to Pine Island, which we discovered is only about a 10 minute drive away.

(10-22mm  f7.1  1/125 sec  ISO200)


Dawn said...

The late day sunlight seems to be magical!

And I can't wait to see your capture of the alligator;0)

Hope you are having a wonderful time down south. We get snow tonight...again!

darlin said...

Rick, are you sure you want to see alligators? Yes, they would be awesome to get some photos of careful is all I'm going to say! ;-)

I love the colors in the first photo, so calming and serene and what a magnificent reflection.

Your sunset, WOW! Stunning shot, the colors and your perspective are amazing, fantastic photo!

Katherine said...

Rick you can't go back searching for alligators!! What if you actually came face to face with one? If they are anything like our Australian Saltwater Crocs, I would be staying far, far away, or you may just become a very delicious appetizer! And this would mean that we would all miss you here in Blogville!
As for the Golden Canal, it reminds me of the opening scenes of the movie "On golden Pond"with Katharine Hepburn. Sunset shot is lovely also!

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Rick, thanks for sharing your favorite blessing - you can never have too many in your arsenal!

The golden canal shot is beautifully rich. I didn't realize Florida had such lovely fall color.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there Rick, wow wonderful organgie kind of colors them.

But hey don't go back there...ik heb het niet zo op krokodillen....brrrr.
Have a great week.

Leslie said...

That's what I love about photography. It distills the beauty of a scene. Lovely sunset, too. Florida has been having some beautiful skies lately...

Scott said...

Love both those shots. I always look forward to your Sunset Sunday shots, well, I always look forward to all your shots.

WhatKarenSees said...

Beautiful colors in both images. I bet you are really sad you're not back home staring winter in the face!!!!

becky said...

Gorgeous. Watch Out for those Alligators, Rick!

jasmin said...

hallo lieber Rick, ja bei dir ist noch Herbst, bei mir sind die Blätter schon von den Bäumen gefallen...schöne Fotos sehe ich, viele Grüße in die weite Ferne aus Deutschland, von Jasmin

Farmchick said...

Love the sky in the second photo. Nice

teca said...

WOW! My God! The first shot is wonderful!

Have a great week.

Kisses, honey.

CarreraCaballo said...

The sky in the second photo is amazing, I like where you positioned the crane in your photo :-)



Alexander DeLarge said...

the second picture: w o n d e r f u l


Rick said...

@Dawn - my favourite time of day (since I'm usually not up for sunrises ;-)

btw - you may want to look at this if you come back here.

@darlin - see link in my response to Dawn; thanks Darlene - sunsets here are awesome (but then again I'm a sucker for all sunsets ;-)

@Katherine - see link in my response to Dawn, above - I'll be careful. I was thinking of 'On Golden Pond' when I made the photos and wrote the post - you got it ! Thanks Katherine ! Have a great week.

Rick said...

@The Whimsical Gardener - thank you Cat; I didn't realize about the colour either - the palm trees seem to be staying quite green, but the bullrushes were golden in that setting sun.

@Barefoot from Heaven - the setting sun was a wonderful orange last night. Ik zal voorzichtig zijn bij de krokodillen - als ik maar een foto maken kan ;-)

@Leslie - I totally agree. Thank you Leslie - the sunsets here are incredible !

Rick said...

@Scott - thank you for the encouragement Scott; I always appreciate your visits and comments, and my visits to see and enjoy your work.

@WhatKarenSees - thank you Karen; I love sunset time. I guess I'll have to 'sacrifice' not getting snow shots till Christmas time ;-)

@becky - thanks Becky - see link in my response to Dawn above.

Rick said...

@jasmin - danke Jasmin; there aren't too many fall colours here (that I've seen yet anyway), but the sun sure made things look fall-like. Auch viele Grüße aus Florida !

@Farmchick - thank you; we seem to be blessed with great skies here.

@teca - thank you so much teca ! Beijos and have a wonderful week !

Rick said...

@CarreraCaballo - thank you Joseph; I composed several and liked this one best. Enjoy your trip !

@Alexander DeLarge - thank you Alex.

marty said...

so beautiful images - the colours are
amazing ! love the trees and sunset !
have a nice week Rick !
bisous d'une française !!

M. Hassan said...

The first shot is just awesome. Love the strong contrast.

Rick said...

@marty - merci marty ! Et merci aussi pour les bisous ;-) Plein de bisous pour toi d'un Canadien !

@M. Hassan - thank you M !