Tuesday, November 16, 2010

(Day 320) All other ground is sinking sand

Hurricane season is almost over. Unless you live in a hurricane-prone area that likely means little to you. I've never been in a hurricane, and I'm not sure I'd really want to. The highest winds I've ever experienced occurred in Calgary and they only blew at 100km/60mi per hour. The chairs on the deck blew up against the house and we even found one cedar chair about 30m/100ft away. People that have experienced a hurricane are likely thinking 'big deal'. I just can't imagine winds of 250km/150mi per hour !

I've noticed something about some of the trees here in Florida. You've all seen pictures of palms bending in hurricane force winds. But I've also noticed other, very large, trees that don't seem to be able to bend and that are too large to have grown since the last hurricanes swept through this area in 2004. They have endured the storms because of their strong foundation.

We all need a strong foundation when the inevitable storms of life come, or we'll be swept away.

(10-22mm  f7.1  1/2 sec  ISO200)

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Ruth said...

I can relate to this post.We do need to put down deep roots in good times,in order to stand the fierce winds.


Katherine said...

I know exactly what you mean Rick!! And we need to tend the garden surrounding the trees as well...to keep it healthy and happy. Beautiful photo & lovely sentiment. Have a wonderful day Rick.

Cicero Sings said...

I just came over from Ruth's blog as I listened to that song that you posted there and I wanted to thank you for directing us there. Very nice. I lost my own husband earlier this year.

Yes, having roots that go down deep ... helps to anchor us.

I lived in Florida, when I was a child, for about 10 months. A hurricane was to pass through our area. Everyone battened down the hatches and we sat as rain pummeled us ... rain so hard and thick you couldn't see across the street. I asked my folks, "Why are we sitting here waiting to die?" I was 6 years old. Fortunately, the hurricane circumvented us and we lived to see another day! Smile.

Dawn said...

I can imagine that would be quite a feeling...winds that strong. I hear you about Calgary winds- cannot even think of what a "real hurricane" would be like!

I can't get that song out of my head now:)))
Deep roots are a MUST!
Thanks for the photo and thoughts!!

Rick said...

@Ruth - yes, I know you can; you have needed those deep roots to get through these difficult days. Thanks for stopping by Ruth.

@Katherine - thanks Katherine. I hope your week is going well - and there are no strong winds in your life !

@Cicero Sings - thanks for stopping by; and you're welcome too - I find it a very uplifting and beautiful song. Sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. That must have been a bit scary for a 6-year old and it obviously left an impression.

Rick said...

@Dawn - sorry about the song - but it's good ;-) Appreciate your visit and comment Dawn.

Leovi said...

A very creative perspective of this root. Greetings.

darlin said...

Wow, that's some roots but required to stand up to the hurricanes as you mentioned. I thank God I have never experienced winds that strong, I'd be blown to smithereens!

I agree that strong solid roots are essential in life, the positive aspect is that we are never to old to start planting our roots if they have never been established.

Photog Ave said...

I've been in a few...and I know you must think I'm crazy, but I loved the experience!!
I'm a weather junkie, so that might explain it...maybe ; ) I have always wanted to be in the eye of a hurricane...the calmest part.
Although, I would choose a hurricane warning over a tornado warning anyday!!

By the way, nice shot and perspective!!


ju-north said...

Good photo and thought. so true

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hey you traveler how's it going? Seems you're on the road forever...wonderful shot Rick.
Makes me feel sooo small again.

Have fun.
ps angsthaas....jammer het was super op de top van de waterval en je zou het geweldig hebben gevonden...ik hou je broekriem wel vast als je het druft 'n keer mee te gaan hoor...'-))

teca said...

I've been through winds of 120 Km/h, but did not become a hurricane. Thanks God I never had problems with that, but I pity anyone who has suffered damage it. :(

Despite caused, the picture is beautiful...

Many beijos, my lovely friend.

Leslie said...

Amen to that. Good analogy.

marty said...

c'est une très belle photo Rick - j'aime les arbres ! Ici lors de la dernière grosse tempête
des arbres très vieux aux troncs énormes sont
tombés, parce que les racines n'étaient pas assez profondes ! et c'est très triste !!
I hope my french is not too hard, dear bilingual friend !!but I speak better french than english hé hé !!
hurricane de bisous !
merci pour tes commentaires qui me font tellement plaisir !!

Tricia said...

That's one heck of a root system, but I guess they have to adapt to those strong winds! =)

When Hurricane Ike hit Texas, the winds kept coming north & we got hit w/ 70-80 mph winds - Let me tell ya, that was terribly scary!!! I don't like tornadoes, but I think I'd rather endure a tornado rather than a hurricane - tornadoes are over just a fast as they start, but hurricane winds last hours!!! It's very nerve wracking!!!

imac said...

Its a golden nugget post Rick, also love the owl and reflections too.

Riet said...

What a great picture Rick.

The Whimsical Gardener said...

I'll give an Amen to that!

The roots of that tree are magnificent - God always has a plan.

Alexander DeLarge said...

Rick! I can't catch a break huh... well, what do we have here... some great shot. I love it. The framing gives to it an inmense power, that otherwise you wouldn't have obtained from the roots...


Rick said...

@Leovi - thank you.

@darlin - absolutely right - it's never too late !

@Photog Ave - it would certainly be an experience ! And I agree - a tornado would really freak me ! Thanks Avery.

Rick said...

@ju-north - thank you Julia !

@Barefoot from Heaven - ah, not on the road; settled in for a little while in Florida - away from the snow and cold ;-) Je kunt m'n broekriem wel vasthouden, maar ik moet m'n broekspijpen ook dicht houden ;-) Vertigo. Maar ... dank je wel.

@teca - thank you teca; even 120kmph is hard ! Have a wonderful day with lots of beijos !

Rick said...

@Leslie - thank you Leslie !

@marty - merci, merci Marty ! I always find it a bit sad when a large tree comes down; I find it difficult to cut down a live tree. I appreciate your visits and comments and look forward to seeing your work - always tres beau/belle (?) ! Your French is great as is your English - I have no problems with either (but I don't write it well - French, that is ;-)

@Tricia - I think the roots extended some 15' from the trunk, all around these trees (not sure what they were). Not sure about a tornado over a hurricane - may be quick but they're sure powerful !

Rick said...

@imac - thanks mac !

@Riet - dank je wel Riet !

@The Whimsical Gardener - He does !! Thanks Cat.

@Alexander DeLarge - thank you Alex; I really wanted to emphasize that aspect of the tree !

marty said...

thank you Rick - I'm happy you follow my work !
a little french lesson ? work = travail
le travail est masculin donc on dit beau travail !
photo est féminin et on dit une belle photo !
compris Rick ??
lol - plein de beaux (masculin pluriel) bisous !
phunny non ???

Rick said...

@marty - merci for the little French lesson (I always had such a temps dificile trying to remember which was masculine and feminine in French (words, NOT people ;-) Bear with me in return for plein de BEAUX bisous !!

Carolyn Ford said...

wow, powerful!

Rick said...

@Carolyn Ford - thank you Carolyn.