Friday, November 12, 2010

(Day 316) Having phun in the sun

In keeping with Phun Phriday we decided to get in a little R & R today, with Englewood Beach as our destination. In keeping with the spirit of rest & relaxation, I didn't even have to go and chase any subjects for today's Project 365 post. In fact, as you look at today's photos, you might even say I had the best seat in the house.

(credit for this photo: my wife)

(70-200mm  f8  1/640  ISO200)

(70-200mm  f8  1/800  ISO200)


darlin said...

Wow, did you ever have the best seat in the house. Isn't your dog hot? (Sasha if memory serves me correctly. You have definitely found paradise Rick. Again stunning photos and what an amazing place to take photos, the wildlife are sure of different breeds than moose or deer walking on the beach? ;-)

Katherine said...

You certainly do have the best seat on the beach!!! And it also looks like you, Sasha and your lovely wife are the only ones there, which makes it even more wonderful!
If that is you in the chair ... then it must be your wife behind the lens. She did a marvelous job taking the picture. I hope you're slip, slop, slapping Rick...your shoulders are looking rather red!! Love the pics of the pelicans & dolphins..lovely

CarreraCaballo said...

Azure blue, nice beach and you are sun burnt to the bone . . . :-D

The second photo with the birds is also very well shot!



Barefoot from Heaven said...

I'll have a living room like this any minute the view and what's in it in pics 2 and 3.

Happy weekend

marty said...

the weather is so nice, the sky and sea so blue ! what a wonderful sunny day ! sasha
in the shadow and you : cool !
life is beautiful !
bisous d'un endroit bien moins beau !

Farmchick said...

This is looking very nice and I am a bit envious!

teca said...

Ai, ai... very good stay here watching these images... gives me a sense of peace...

A great weekend for you, honey!

Many beijos with love and best wishes.

Rick said...

@darlin - thanks Darlene; notice how the dog got the shade and I got the sun ? Sasha needed it more than me, although she's well-insulated against both hot and cold. There are deer here but a moose sure would get all the photographers running ;-)

@Katherine - we started off having the beach (almost) to ourselves, then more people arrived - but, I think I still had the best seat ! As for the shoulders - must have been the angle of the light - I didn't detect a burn (but I can't stand the slop - way too sticky for me !). Thanks for your kind words Katherine - and I'll pass your comment along to my wife.

@CarreraCaballo - thanks Joseph; I think the sun-burnt part must be an optical illusion - or the nerves were burnt through !

Rick said...

@Barefoot from Heaven - yes, it would be lovely to have a mural like this on an entire wall in the living room ! Ook een fijn weekend !

@marty - yes, beautiful here - sunny and warm (Sasha is hoping for snow !). Beauty is around us, wherever we may be - even in cold & gray France. Bisous chauds pour toi !

@Farmchick - thank you. Your neck of the woods looks lovely, even if a little less warm.

@teca - thank you teca - hope your weekend is going very well ! Beijos !!

Scott said...

I'll say you had the best seat in the house, and some great photos from there. Lucky!!

Rick said...

@Scott - thank you Scott; I barely had to move to get them !

julia said...

Magnifica forma de relajarse viendo lo grande que es la naturaleza la mejor foto que puede tener uno en el salon.
Preciosas tomas.
Un saludo.

lisa said...

Oh, how I miss summer!!
Beautiful shots!

Rick said...

@julia - gracias Julia ! Thank you for visiting. Have a great week.

@lisa - thank you Lisa. Would perpetual summer be fun ?

becky said...

Can I just ENVY you now???

Rick said...

@becky - ONLY if it will help ;-)