Monday, November 29, 2010

(Day 333) An international wildflower

Thanks to Leslie who identified the 'weed' I found in the lawn here 2 weeks ago, but more importantly, gave me a link to help identify more 'weeds' and wildflowers, I was able to quickly identify the subject of my post today. I've seen this one growing in many lawns, including ours, and did a little research into it. It's identified by its scientific name of Richardia Grandiflora but is commonly called Largeflower Mexican Clover, Largeflower Pusley, and Fairy Cups. It originated in Brazil.

Various sources identify it as an invasive weed, while others call it a wildflower. No matter what you decide to call it, it looks pretty nice, and the bugs on this one like it too.

(60mm  f14  1/8 sec  ISO200)

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Farmchick said...

I think it is lovely, but I could see my spouse thinking it was a weed. Love the name, "Fairy Cups".

Dawn said...

There is no such thing as a weed to me....
this one is no exception:) It's lovely!
I don't even mind my million dandelions each summer and cringe when they get sprayed.

Bring some of these back and I'll add them to my dandelions next summer;)

joyce said...

How can something called a fairy cup be considered invasive????
Hi, followed you over from my cousin Dagmar's site when I noticed you are a fellow Canuck.

darlin said...

Rick, you have a way with weeds! ;-) I don't care what anybody says, if I had these growing here right now they could take over my entire lawn and I wouldn't care one iota. Magnificent macro shot!

Scott said...

I think it's way to pretty to be a weed, but maybe it's just your great photography.

P.S. Don't forget how to spell favourite for when you get back across the northern border ;-))))

Leovi said...

I love the white petals with these soft and subtle shades of purple and lilac

CarreraCaballo said...

If all invaders looked like this flower then would have had less problems on our planet . . . ;-) :-D



Soraia said...


Rick said...

Farmchick - I've seen a few lawns where these little 'beauties' have taken over; we only have a few so I can (still) think kindly of them.

Dawn - I think they'd be a real fashion statement in your lawn - pink & yellow ! Gotta love it. ;-)

Hi Joyce - thanks for dropping by. I agree with the sentiment.

I think I like that Darlene - "I have a way with weeds !" ;-) I think this little 'weed' only likes the tropics. Oh well, I guess dandelions will have to do up north.

Thank you Scott - I'm amazed at all the lovely flowers here that are considered weeds. I'll have to remember to do a spelling reset when I cross the border ;-) LOL !

Some lawns have a very pink/purple hue to them; thanks Leovi !

You're so right Joseph; *note to all dictators*

Soraia - thank you !