Tuesday, November 2, 2010

(Day 305) A bed of roses ...

Monday Nov. 1, 2010

... is where I need to lay my head - at least for one day. Our jaunt to Florida came to a safe conclusion today - approx. 2,500 km/1,500 mi later, and 23 hours of driving, including the necessary stops for quick relief and sustenance. Sorry to say that with such a schedule, I could only memorize the scenes I thought might warrant a photo under different circumstances.

So tonight I'll just leave you with a view of the softness and gentle fragrance that will envelope my head ... in my dreams, of course.

(60mm  f4.5  2 sec  ISO100)


becky said...

I know what that kind of driving is like! Well, at least you had company.
Glad your travels were safe!

Carolyn Ford said...

Love the photo and hope it serves as a wonderful pillow for travel recovery! Welcome home and, I too, am glad you made it back safe and sound.

darlin said...

Beautiful photo. I'm glad that you had a safe journey. Did you and your wife switch off driving? That's quite the trek.

Sweet dreams Rick.

marty said...

oh my god tous ces kilomètres !! too much !
mais cette couleur orange est pleine de
tonus et d'énergie !! hop Rick ! on continue ??
Bises de France

Katherine said...
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Katherine said...

Well that is a long drive but a road trip with only your wife by your side must be just lovely! I would love for my husband & I to be able to escape, just the two of us and worry about nothing but us and the road that lay before us. I reckon it would be bliss!!! Have fun then sleep well!

Scott said...

Glad you're back safe and sound, well a question mark behind the sound ;). Anyway this is one absolutely gorgeous rose.

chasity said...

so glad you arrived safely.
love the dreaminess of your photo.

Tricia said...

sounds nice & i hope you had as nice a trip as can be expected.

imac said...

Now, I wonder what story we could find in this shot Rick?lol

Alexander DeLarge said...

Simple, soft, velvety, ORANGE! = beautiful.



CarreraCaballo said...

Looks like a perfect Wallpaper . . .



Rick said...

@becky - thank you Becky; I'm quite used to marathons. driving, that is !

@Carolyn Ford - thank you Carolyn - I slept like a log last night !

@darlin - thanks Darlene; nope - I do the driving, she does the navigating - works well that way; we go till the car needs gas - then it's rush to the washroom, take the dog out, and carry on for another 4 hours or so (you need a strong bladder to ride with me ;-)

Rick said...

@marty - oui, a very long drive - but in the end, worth it ! And we had enough energy to make it. Merci Marty et bisous de Florida !

@Katherine - it's a long drive over 2 days; we also did it in February and we expect to go back in mid-Dec AND come back down again in mid-Jan (a lot of driving just to escape winter ;-) It is nice to do together, however - few distractions !

@Scott - thank you Scott - for your well wishes and positive comment. We relaxed today. ;-)

Rick said...

@Chas - thank you Chas ! I did some experimenting with the shots till I got the effect I wanted (I don't have PS so it's mostly SOOC)

@Tricia - thank you Tricia; the trip was uneventful - just the way we like it ;-)

@imac - the theme of the story would be dreaming, mac. As in dreaming of a nice soft pillow on which to drop one's head ! which is what I did.

@Alexander DeLarge - thank you Alex.

@CarreraCaballo - maybe I'll change my desktop look; thank you Joseph !

Leovi said...

An abstraction very good, great quality of orange. I love it.

Hope said...

lovely soft curves and lines..

Barefoot from Heaven said...

....bonjovi...wonderful. Love this bed of roses. And you sure got me head over heels with this one Rick.

I kan gewoon geen woorden vinden die goed doen aan deze foto...man wat ben jij goed in het maken van bijzondere opnamens.
I'm jealous.
Warmest hugs ever Dagmar

Rick said...

@Leovi - thank you Leovi !

@Hope - I love how images like this can be created - not seen with the naked eye; thanks Hope !

@Barefoot from Heaven - dank je wel Dag ! I love to make images like this - they become almost surreal. But you have nothing to be jealous of - your photography is wonderful, and especially that of people !