Friday, November 19, 2010

(Day 323) Splish splash, I was having ...

... a blast ! It's Phun Phriday and I was at a park near the harbour while my wife did some Christmas shopping (who do you think was having more phun ?). By the way, it feels weird thinking about Christmas while the temperature is around 27C/81F - I mean, it should be snowing and blustery and about -5C/23F ! No matter, despite appearances neither Sasha nor I (nor the lens) got wet but we did have phun at the park and even got to see a(nother) possum - this time in the wild. He ambled off into the brush before I got his portrait, and before Sasha could get a taste of possum on the hoof. Hope you had some phun on your Phriday !

(both shots made with a 70-200mm lens, at f11, ISO200 and shutter speeds of 1/400 and 1/640 sec)

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Scott said...

Looks like water droplets on your lens or at least filter. You sure you didn't get wet??? Well whether you did or whether you didn't you did have Phun and that's what's important.

darlin said...

That second photo looks like a blast especially in that heat, I'd be in that fountain in a heartbeat.

I hope you have a filter on your lens!

Oh and what's this -5, is that all it is back home? We dipped down to -20 this morning, I'm not sure what it's at tonight but it's chilly.

Rick said...

Scott and Darlene - no, I didn't get wet nor did the lens; I used my 70-200mm so didn't have to get close (the fountain was in the middle of a large pond). The shutter speed stopped the drops and the focus caught the drops nearest to me - I thought it was a phun shot so used it - bit of an optical illusion.

marty said...

tu as besoin de fraicheur avec ces températures estivales, moi... non !!
I need sun !!!! have a great weekend !
a lot of phunny bisous !

Farmchick said...

Cool photo with the capture of the droplets.

Dawn said...

Oh that is a beautiful the water and light of the drops!-
but it made me even colder;)
(-25 here last night....:(

I am glad you felt the need to cool off though:)
(And I really hope you are absorbing the heat and are able to bring it back with you:))

(So what kind of dog is Sasha? Mine is a Great Pyrenees...and I see they get pretty big!)

imac said...

Very neat captures Rick, love water shots.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there Rick, I'm sooo in love with the second one....great how it looks like a dream.
Have fun not shopping.
groetjes en tot na het weekend

teca said...


What a party! What a joyful day!

Good Sunday, my lovely friend!

Beijos from Brasil! \o/

Ruth said...

Very cool shots.Oh,just to keep you informed,I just read that we have a snowfall warning.Enjoy the warm temps. :)

julia said...

Agua igual vida precioso colores y detalles de esas texturas que forman el agua.
Un saludo.

Rick said...

Marty - we try and stay cool in the pool ;-) Bisous pour toi !

Dawn - Sasha is a Samoyed (see my Sat. post) and that's what I thought your new puppy was - but a Great Pyrenee - wow, gorgeous ! (yep, they're not called Great for nothing ;-)

imac & Dag - thank you for visiting - hope your weekends are relaxing.

Teca, Ruth, Julia - thank you for your positive words (Ruth - brrr). Glad you enjoyed.

WhatKarenSees said...

Looks like you really did have a Phun Phriday. Water shots are a favorite of mine, especially dew and water in motion. P.S. Thanks so much for helping me figure out how to post thumbnail links. I want to showcase my photography friends work more often. I also figured out how to make the thumbnails larger. Thanks again.

Rick said...

@WhatKarenSees - it was a lot of phun - it looks like water drops on the lens but the shutter speed caught the droplets at a perfect time at the front of the fountain. Thanks Karen for experimenting with that - enjoyed it and it looks good.

Tricia said...

Taste of possum on the hoof, heheheee! =)

Cool shots, Rick!

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Love this shot...catching droplets midair...amazing!!!

Leovi said...

Water and light, enough for a great shot.

Rick said...

@Tricia - LOL - she never even got close !

@Thoughtfully blended hearts - thanks for stopping by and leaving a warm comment.

@Leovi - thank you Leovi !