Saturday, November 27, 2010

(Day 330) Wheel phun

Phriday Nov. 26, 2010

On our way home tonight we saw that rides for a fair were being set up. I hadn't taken my camera bag with me (I know, ABC - 30 lashes for me) but my excuse is that I had planned to go out after we got home to make some night photos. Instead, I went home, got the camera, and headed back out here to make a few shots. Since it was Phun Phriday I took some liberties with one shot and used free software I found on the internet that allowed me to play with the colours. I liked this result better than the original. I think people will have wheel phun on this ride once it opens.

(70-200mm  f9  1/5 sec  ISO800)


Carolyn Ford said...

It does look like a wheel phun pherris wheel! Brilliant color, too!

darlin said...

What a cool photo Rick, I love the effect but would hesitate to go on the ride, well unless I seen some potential photos.

And yes 30 lashes, you're the one who taught me the ABC's of photography. :-)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

marty said...

beautiful blue wheel in the black nicht ! love this shot !!
I wish you a wonderful weekend Rick !
I can't imagine that's warm where you are !
here it's snowing and I send you some white bisous !!

ju-north said...

Love the colours and shapes of this wheel!

Sugar said...

sugar just visited you..;)

Scott said...

I really like what you did with that. Phun indeed!

teca said...

You gave a very good effect to the photo! It seems movie scene...

Kiss with love, dear friend.
A beautiful Sunday!


Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ohh Rick I am in love with what you did to it...the black and blue's...hmmm can we also see the original???

Rick said...

Carolyn - thanks Carolyn. I played with some settings and look what happened !

Darlene - thanks; no sense of adventure ? ;-) Ok - I deserve the lashes, but I didn't miss the photo op - just took 2 trips, that's all.

Marty - thank you; I can imagine the snow - but I erase the image from my mind ;-) Sending you the warmest bisous !!

Julia - thank you !

Thank you Scott - just having some phun ;-)

Teca - thank you teca; Many beijos for you and a wonderful Sunday also !

Hi Dag - thank you; sometimes 'phooling' around can lead to some cool things; I'll see if I can remember to post the original. soon

Alexander DeLarge said...


That's a Na'vi wheel or what.



Rick said...

Irayo Alex (that's Na'vi for thank you - which you already knew !) ;-)

CarreraCaballo said...

The manipulation turned out GREAT ;-)



Rick said...

Thanks Joseph !