Sunday, April 17, 2011

Savouring the moment

If you've visited here the last few days since we got back from the warm south, you know it's been a little cooler (brrr) here and the April showers have been fairly regular. However, not all has been doom and gloom here, and I had a carpe diem opportunity one evening. Since I'll only have enjoyed enough sunsets when I ride away into my last one, I stood on the balcony at the side of our house in the utter stillness of the evening to savour this one. And at the going down of the sun, this is what I experienced.

Why always "not yet"?  Do flowers in spring say "not yet"?  
(Norman Douglas)

(10-22mm  f4.0  1/3200 sec  ISO200)


Elizabeth Grimes said...

Wow, what an amazing view from your house. I love when the clouds are wispy like that.

Dawn said...

Home With A view. Lovely.

I am so tired waiting for spring. It snowed the last 3 days. (I am not whining;))

You're right- I shouldn't have said "cow" and "fella" in the same sentence. Should have been "steer" and "fella":))

Here's hoping this comment works. I switched server to Firefox.....

Dawn said...

Thank You for the comment advice:))))

Soraia B. said...

Beautiful sunset :D

Rick said...

Thank you Elizabeth ! We do get some amazing sunsets here since we live out in the 'boonies' with no 89 story obstructions ;-)

Ha ha, Dawn - just funnin' with ya over the cow thing ;-) Yep - home with a (different) view. Hopefully spring will arrive there. and stick. You're welcome for the advice - glad to see it worked.

Obrigado Soraia ! Have a wonderful Easter week.

Lisa RedWillow said...

That is a prairie sky.. I love it. Just stunning.

Rich so glad you stopped by.
The trip up the mountian was not bad , coming down was awful. The cliff on my side. I cant image going in the dark and I have night blindness so that in itself holds me back at night.
Again I love this. Thanks for your kind words.

ju-north said...

Beautiful! Great to have a view with no houses in the way!

chasity said...

it's lovely.

so so lovely.

darlin said...

Rick, thank you for the beautiful reminder of what a sunset actually looks like... I've almost all but forgotten! ;-)

And seriously why not yet? There's no time like right here and right now. I's time to live, love, laugh and learn... in any order one so chooses to. Choices, it's all about choices. I think that I'd best choose to get to bed so I'm not tired tomorrow! lol Nite Rick!

becky said...

I'm up before the sun, enjoying your sunset! If I had my choice I'd still be sleeping, but I've got to work, so I'm enjoying your shot w/ my morning cuo o' joe.
Enjoy your day, Rick. :)

joey said...

Lovely sunset, Rick. Heavy April showers here too and today, snow!!!

You can never take too many pictures said...

Hi Rick, Yes as one who Loves the Snow I would not be happy missing the whole winter, but I could see missing the whole month of April!!!! It's that transition month....still some interesting shooting but also very muddy here! Thanks for your comments on my Algonquin Winter shots....

mariiana capela fotografia said...

great shot

Leovi said...

A beautiful sunset with backlit forest, a wonderful time. Greetings.

Riet said...

Wat een prachtige foto Rick. We hebben hier heerlijk weer. Vandaag was het 23 graden en het blijft de hele week zo.Alles staat volop in bloei. Deze week gaan we naar de Keukenhof en de bollenvelden. Fijn weer foto's maken.

magda said...

Wonterful sunset-photo Rick !!!
In Greece we have cold in April !!!

Saz said...

I love this photo! The colours are absolutely gorgeous! (:

Jeanne Klaver said...

Such a beautiful end to a glorious day.

pumpkydine said...

Well everyone has already said it all, but I'll add my 2 cents worth anyway. "What a way to end a day!" Beautiful!

Cat said...

That leaves me breathless!

Bitch said...

Like Magda is saying the April here
is cold in Greece. Unusual..
Lovely sunset as always coming from you!
The flowers in spring say "doesn't
matter we are blooming", e?

Tricia said...

THAT IS SOOO BEAUTIFUL! Your story reminds me of a commercial I saw a looong time ago that I've never forgotten... A little girl & her daddy are sitting under a BIG oak tree as the sun is setting & the dad says, "going... going... gone" as the sun disappears behind the hill & the lil girl says, "do it again, daddy!"
Sooo sweet! =)

Melissa Jo said...

April showers bring may flowers!!!

MedaM said...

What a wonderful view from your house!Lovely sunset and beautiful photo, indeed! Spring started with rain this year and it is quite cold here too but today we had some sunny intervals, thanks God. :-))
Thanks for visiting on my blog and for your comment.

Scott said...

I'm back and happy to see your Sunset Sunday shot from last week. Beautiful as always. Love the feathery clouds.

Rick said...

Thank you, Lisa - it does look like one of those chinook arches I recall from my western days. About the Maui mountain drive - that's the advantage of going up in the dark ;-) I hope your healing is progressing well.

Thanks Julia - we are blessed !

Thank you Chas, and thanks for stopping by ! I hope your week is a good one.

LOL Darlene - I guess it's hard to see a sunset when it's snowing :( I hope you're only burning that candle at one end ;-)

Rick said...

Thanks Becky - you should be able to get sunrise shots being up that early ! Do you sing "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go ... " ? Enjoy your week, even if it does start early every day.

Thank you, joey. SNOW ??? Ouch - hopefully you get a little warmer so you get liquid instead.

Hi Susan - thanks for stopping by. I agree that winter makes for beautiful photos, but 5 months of it ?? And I don't care for the transition months - Nov. and Apr. C'mon spring !

Thanks Mariiana.

Thank you Leovi - from time to time we do get some nice ones here.

Dank je wel Riet. Ik zou graag een keer mee willen naar de Keukenhof ! Ik kom gauw naar je fotos kijken. Fijne week.

Thank you Magda. It's quite cool/cold here too - only 3C tonight - brrr ! I wish you warm weather.

Rick said...

Thank you, Saz !

That it was; thanks Jeanne !

Thanks Randy - can't get enough of those !

You would have loved the quiet and solitude that accompanied it Cat !

Cool here too, Monika. But none of my flowers are complaining - they're not even up yet - too cold for them, I guess. Thanks for your nice comment.

Rick said...

Thanks Tricia ! Love that story - I could almost imagine one of my daughters saying that - at a certain age, of course ;-)

I'm counting on it Melissa ! ;-)

Thank you Meda. We could use some of that global warming about now ! Maybe your spring will warm up finally - send some here if it does !

Scott - great to see you're back, and thank you. I look forward to seeing what you've brought back with you.

darlin said...

Rick... me burn a candle at one end is like taking a wing from a bird and expecting it to fly! lol Have a great evening.

Marty said...

what a beautiful sunset you have !
the clouds are amazing ! the black
trees in that landscape are wonderful!
beautiful Canada !
It's very warm here (27° to-day)
I send you some warm bisous from
my colorful country !

Rick said...

Ha ha Darlene - good analogy !

Bonjour Marty, et merci ! I guess Florida doesn't have a monopoly on beautiful sunsets ;-) But we could sure use some of that warm weather, and of course, the warm bisous. I send you cool ones to be warmed ;-)