Sunday, April 3, 2011


One of the benefits of having company is that you go to places you might not visit on your own. Case in point was a visit to the automotive past that I made last month with a brother-in-law. I lost track of how much time we spent there ogling cars from our youth that we couldn't afford then and likely can't afford now, however, I do recall that we had both breakfast and lunch there.

I could post dozens of photos I made there but I chose these two. All of you car buffs will recognize this classic and if you don't you can blow up the 2nd photo and read the sign in the window. While you look at them you can listen to this. And for more info on this model, have a look here.

(both photos made with a 10-22mm lens at f11, ISO400 and shutter speeds of 1/4 and 1/2 sec)


Rick said...

Hi everyone: I hope to be able to visit you this coming evening.


Dawn said...

THESE look like they're taken from the "CARS" movie! Hilarious you can't remember time while there. You sound like a lady at the shopping mall;)

Dawn said...

Oh- and that song?
PERFECT serenade for your pictures:))))

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Really neat photos. I love the interesting angles. Thanks for sharing your nostalgic memories. :)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Grrrrr oh Rick I love cars like this...keep dreaming buddy, they even drive beautiful while you're asleep ;0

Lovely way to schoot the cars. And the b&w are adding too. So breakfast and lunch uh....wowzers. Guys and cars..duh.
Hugs Dagm

bicocacolors said...

hahahaha the second looks like a hammerhead shark!
those are gorgeous Rick!
have a fab Sunday,

Marty said...

j'adore les belles voitures américains et le
bruit bien particulier de leur moteur !!!
je te souhaite une belle semaine à venir
Bisous Rick, french bisous !

darlin said...

Awesome! I love the old cars and what a fun way to spend some time. The song took me back to yesterday, I used to listen to it over and over again... those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end, we'd sing and dance forever and a day... now why can't I remember my studies as well as I remember the oldies? ;-)

Fantastic photos Rick, enjoy your day!

Sill Scaroni said...

Great shots, beautiful details.

Minusca said...

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. WOW!! Fantastic!

Cat said...

Those are awesome! Great edits!

Tammy said...

Great shots of these classics!

Rick said...

Purely 'window shopping' Dawn ;-) LOL ! And I thought that song might strike a chord !

Thanks Elizabeth - as you can tell, it was a real treat for us.

Dag - you could see from the photos how beautiful these cars are ! And there were almost 200 ! NOW you understand how time could fly ;-) Groetjes, Dag !

Thanks, Elena ! You've given me a new way to 'see' this car ;-) Have a great week !

Rick said...

Hi Marty - yes, they sure can GROWL, can't they ! Muscle cars are making a comeback (for all the aging baby boomers ;-) Bisous sans growl pour toi, and have a marvellous week !

Thank you, Darlene - I figured the cars and song would be a hit with you ! ;-) Have a great week - the semester must almost be over (?)

Thanks, Sill !

Thank you, Minu ;-) Ciao !

Rick said...

Thank you Cat (I just turned them to sepia).

Thanks, Tammy - they sure don't make them like THAT anymore !

Tricia said...

Grrr... YoWsA! =)

Saz said...

This are amazing shots! I admit, I'm not a big car fanatic myself, but you did a fantastic job with these shots!

Rick said...

Thanks Tricia !!

I try to look at things a little differently. Thanks, Saz !

CarreraCaballo said...

Best License Plate ever :-D



becky said...

I am not much of a car buff, BUT I love old cars. Especially those 1950's Ford trucks... I'd love to have one one day.
Great shots, Rick- sounds & looks like you had a great time!

darlin said...

Rick one more week, just one more week! Woohooo! Then Canmore for a weekend and home to hit the books again. When are you leaving paradise?

Rick said...

Ha ha - thanks Joseph !

Thank you, Becky - classic cars, classic rock .... ! Yep, they don't build them like they used to.

Ah, Canmore - what a great place; been there many times ! Enjoy ! We leave Sat. morning early (well, around 08:00 - and THAT'S early for me !).

Soraia B. said...