Sunday, April 3, 2011

Suburban sunset

For those of you who have completed a project 365, or are pursuing it this year, you know that you've learned some valuable lessons, most of which have likely become ingrained. And I'm sure many of you can relate to being shunned or ostracized, or at best left behind, if you happen to bring your camera when you're out with a group of people who don't suffer from photographers' obsessive-compulsive behaviour (POB). I believe POB results from following guidelines 1 (ABC) and 2 (Carpe Diem) for doing a project 365 (a quick refresher may be found here).

On a walk to an ice cream parlour one evening recently when our daughters were visiting, I brought the camera along, ostensibly to capture some family moments - which of course I did. However, we were also presented with a stunning evening sky, and since I'm afflicted with POB (don't chuckle - I know many of you out there are fellow sufferers !) my 'walk' consisted of a series of stops, making some photos, jogging to catch up to the group again, and being pointedly told that I should have enough sunset shots by now. I mean, is that even possible ?

(18-55mm  f9.0  1/400 sec  ISO200)

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If you like sunsets, have a look at Scott's blog.


Carolyn Ford said...

I understand that syndrome completely 'cuz I have a bad case of it! I even get left behind when just my husband is with me! I don't even try to catch up any more...he eventually stands on one foot and then the other and waits! But, it's worth it...right?! This is a beautiful Florida that place!

darlin said...

LOL I too suffer from POB... I could write a paper on this and do qualitative research via Blogger! I wonder if I could get a funded research project going on this? Don't mind me, I'm reading "Community Mental Health in Canada" tonight and will be diagnosing Abbie next! lol

What a beautiful sunset, I'm totally wowed! And there's no such thing as too many sunset photos, never let anyone tell you any different! :-) EVER!

Carolyn, that's hilarious what your husband does... he sure loves you!

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi there Rick, wow love your story and yea never ever can one take enough sunset pics. Ever. Do recal the stop-walks-running-to-catch-up kind of walk. ;-)))

Oh en slootje springen he? Dat heb ik nou nooit gedaan. Nou ja wij hebben hier in het westen dan ook niet zo veel slootjes...ja de grote maar daar waag ik me niet aan. haha.

Leuk weer down memory lane te gaan he, als je zo'n kiddo ziet vliegen.
Lieve groetjes en fijne dag Dag

magda said...

Rick, hi
Hahaha, all have the same problem ...
The sunset, your great!!! Wonderful colors!
And I sent myself a sunset in Skott.
Have a nice week!

Dawn said...

Sounds a little familiar:) We need to start a support group for our family members maybe?;))

No! Never too many sunset pictures!!!

Leovi said...

Beautiful backlit at sunset with a sky of exquisite tones. Greetings.

Scott said...

You are right, that is a stunning sky. That's also a lot of wires. To answer your question, yes it is HDR. I always try to remember to put that as one of the labels when it is.

Betty Manousos@ CUT AND DRY said...

Loved this post greatly. POB? great definition!
The Suburban sunset is really gorgeous!
Great colors, and beautiful sky!

Have a great week ahead!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This syndrome has no cure,except to take more pictures.If I have to have a problem,this is one I can accept.:) Love the picture.

Farmchick said...

Lovely photo as always...and I too suffer from POB. I usually make my husband stop the car, no matter where we are, so I can take photos!

Tricia said...

I love shots like that where the sun beams thru the clouds... so beautiful! =)

Saz said...

I have that too! Sunset photo's are one of the best shots you can get! My sister constantly complains because she'll ask me to go on a walk with her, then I'll constantly stop to take photo's. Haha.

Love the shot! It's absolutely stunning!

pumpkydine said...

Great shot! It is a virtual contrast to the life most of us lead, i.e., dealing with all the clutter(power lines, stop and go lights, paved roads, and such) but thankfully being able to look through all that junk and see the beautiful light on the other side. Awesome!

Cat said...

From one POB sufferer to another, you can never have enough sunset shots, dew drops, flowers, anoles, butterflies, hummingbirds... ;) Great shot Rick.

Minusca said...

I never go out without my camera, because the best moments are its
unexpected ones.
No matter if you take for friends or colleagues crazy
important to seize the moment, your moment, as you did. Wonderful sunset!
I also have hundreds of pictures of sunsets, but even if all look the same
in fact they are all different and I like them.
This is important.
Ciao Rick, good night

Rick said...

Ha ha - I totally understand, Carolyn; I have a lot of photos of my wife's back ;-) Thank you.

Ha ha Darlene - I'll have to add POB to my 365 project experience post ;-) Hey - how did Abbie turn out - is she ok (for a dog, that is). Yep - we're agreed on the sunset shots - there's NO quota !

LOL Dag - I thought YOU could relate ! Zeg - over het slootje springen - je moet het toch een keer wagen - 't zou z'on leuke foto maken ! Geeft niet of je het maakt of niet ! ;-) Groetjes !

Hi Magda - yes, common problem, isn't it ! Thank you for your visit - I'll have to go see your sunset.

Rick said...

LOL Dawn ! I like that idea, though - a support group for family members !! ;-)

Gracias Leovi !

Thanks Scott. Yes - no wires underground here - too much water. (I must have missed the label on your shot).

Thank you, Betty ! Guess it was familiar to you too ;-) Hope your week is wonderful !

Rick said...

Great treatment idea Ruth ! I guess it's something OTHERS have to learn to live with. Thanks for your visit and nice comment.

Ha ha - seems like the POB-afflicted are in the majority. Thanks, Farmchick !

Thank you Tricia - I love tose beams too !

LOL Saz - welcome to the club - there are no meetings though because everyone's focused on something else ! Thanks; hope your sister still accompanies you ;-)

Rick said...

Thank you, Randy; yes, even in suburbia we can see the beauty; you just have to look past the distractions.

Thanks, Cat ;-) Yes - NO LIMITS !

Ah yes, Minu - I agree so much ! Even within the same sunset there can be so many changes in a short time - and how can you capture them if you don't keep looking and shooting ! Ciao Minu - good morning ;-)

becky said...

POB, ha ha, I love it.
I have sooooo many photographs, but yes, I feel they all must be taken. (it must be the POB.) So, no, you really can't have enough sunset shots, can you. Great one BTW. Love how the rays are bursting through.

darlin said...

Rick, Abbie seems to be doing much better with a change in her diet, thanks for asking. I was supposed to have her on a gastrointestinal diet with special food for a month then wean her from it. I am having problems switching her back but at least now she's eating it with half her normal food and half her diet food. She's so female, keeping herself on a diet! lol I know totally stereotyping there... ooops.

Enjoy your day!

Rick said...

LOL Becky - I think we have LOTS of company with POB ! And yep, lots more sunsets in my archives - and I try regularly to go out and add to them !

Good to hear, Darlene. We've found that a dog diet can only be changed very gradually. Have a great Friday !

Soraia B. said...

I like it, very much :D