Monday, April 4, 2011

Sayōnara ... soon

[for some musical accompaniment while you read this, click here]. Our sojourn in these warmer climes is coming to an end very soon. Reports say that the snow back home is mostly gone. Of course we realize that we're not out of the woods yet in that regard - last year we had a last winter fling on April 27 !

But we're looking forward to spring taking a firm hold 'back home' and producing scenes more like this.

(60mm  f11  1/6 sec  ISO100)

click on photo to enlarge


Dawn said...

Oh That Is Lovely!!!
(It's funny you mentioned a Fling of Spring of sorts. I JUST was flinging spring around to wake it up on my post today:(
I really like YOUR photo much better!!!!!

darlin said...

Arrgh, I enlarged the photo to take a closer look at the beauty you have captured and my comment disappeared! lol Now what was I saying? Oh right, this photo makes me realize just how much I miss the country and really think that I need a road trip soon, I doubt I'll be singing this song but nonetheless I'll be heading that way soon I hope.

Beautiful shot Rick, this is Columbine is it not?

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Beautiful photo.I do hope that you manage to bring some warm weather back with you.Perhaps enough to send some to Manitoba as well.:)

Leovi said...

I love the beautiful tones you have achieved in these flowers, exquisite, deliciously attractive. Really beautiful.

CarreraCaballo said...

The old broken tree stem gives the picture "The Touch", without the background it would have been just another pretty flower, LOVELY PICTURE and GREAT EYE :-)



Beyond My Garden said...

I have already started singing the song that will be in my head for the day, ". . .whi-l-e 'round me rings the music of the spheres." Oh well not a necessarily a bad thing.

Marty said...

ces fleurs s'appellent Ancolies en fraçais !
j'en avais dans mon jardin ! elles sont très
belles ! les couleurs magnifiques !
bientôt le retour au pays !!
bisous d'une France où tout bourgeonne !
le printemps est beau

Tricia said...

OHHH You live in Canada & spend winters in Florida? Ok! Things make a lil more sense, now, after reading your blog the last several months! LoL! I can't say I blame you, either, winters up there MUST BE particularly HARSH! =0 heheheee

becky said...

This was too funny... as I read your post, BEFORE I clicked on the link... that exact song popped into my head! You gotta love Simon & Garfunkle... timeless!
Drive carefully as you make your way back home.

Saz said...

Such a lovely photo! I love the colours.

Tammy said...

Lovely...The sun is hitting just right.

Leslie said...

what beautiful flowers! what are they?

Rick said...

Thanks Dawn ! Although your spring fling shots were lovely, I prefer mine ;-)

Ah that blogger can be such a pain - I hate it when it does that ! But you're right about the flower Darlene ! Have a great rest-of-week !

Thank you Ruth ! I'll tie some behind the car (we'll need it in Ontario) and we'll send some your way too ! ;-)

Gracias, Leovi !!

Rick said...

Thank you Joseph ! Glad to see you're back - hope all is well and your wife hasn't confiscated your camera and NEW lens ! You didn't bring the Porsche home, did you ? ;-)

Ah, you're welcome Nellie ;-) After all, it IS His world !

Oui Marty - and now I know the word for columbine; I have many in my gardens - they start blooming early and continue for a long time. Glad to hear your spring is in full bloom - must have been all those warm bisous I sent, so I send more pour toi !

Yep - although this is our first winter as snowbirds Tricia. We've had many years of experiencing winter and shovelling and all the other associated fun. But we couldn't resist the lure of warmth and sunshine !

Rick said...

Ha ha Becky - that's what happened to me as I started to write the post, so I immediately looked it up and listened to it about 10 times ! Thanks, and we'll take it easy on the drive (Sat. early).

Thank you Saz !

Thanks, Tammy - it's what I liked about this one too.

Thank you, Leslie - they're columbine - come in a variety of colours and bloom for a long time; not sure if they'd grow in Florida.

magda said...

Beautiful coloured photo !!!!

CarreraCaballo said...

LOL . . . Not yet :-D

Loads of work right now!!!



Rick said...

Thank you, Magda !

Ha ha, Joseph (at least you didn't say it wouldn't happen ... someday !). Ok, stop reading this - back to work ! ;-)

Soraia B. said...

I love the colour :D