Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Yesterday Sasha and I returned to continue our hike further into the area my son had told me about recently. On our first foray we had only made it about 25% of the way in (as I discovered yesterday). The area has managed trails that meander through woods, cross swampy areas, and climb up rocky ridges. There are a few ponds and a couple of small creeks that have been dammed by beavers. There is also a lookout atop a rocky point which provides a view of a large wetland which has a good size creek running though it. From time to time I'll share some photos I made. I also expect to revisit this area as the seasons transform it from brown and barren to green and dense.

As is my habit, I wandered off the beaten path when I noticed an interesting outcropping of rock. I made some photos there and stood in the silence, taking in the scene. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted something that was completely out of place in this apparent pristine environment - 2 long-since abandoned cars that appeared to be 1950's models. How they got here, at least a mile from the nearest road, is a mystery. Perhaps this land had once been privately owned and had been donated to the parks system, cars and all. The forest had grown up around these vehicles and no trace of a road was left. They made interesting, if incongruous, subjects in such a place.

Note: I brought a new 23" monitor home from Florida and I've been playing with the calibration. My photos appear to be ok (colour, contrast, brightness, sharpness, etc) but if you notice something amiss on your monitor I'd appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

(both shots made with 10-22mm lens at f9.0  1/400 sec  ISO800)


Elizabeth Grimes said...

I wonder what their story is. Makes for some interesting photos anyway. Kind of odd that the doors are open, huh?

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

It would interesting to know how and why they are here.Perhaps a car grave yard.

darlin said...

Rick the color seems fine on this end, I'll keep an eye on your future posts and let you know what, if anything, I notice amiss with your shots.

What a treasure to find these old vehicles out in the middle of nowhere, someone must have had some type of plans for them but here they sit forgotten about until you captured them so magnificently. Great shots Rick!

Rick said...

Yes, if only we knew ... To some it might be just 'junk' - to others, a photo op. Maybe the doors were open so the occupants could make a quick escape (?) Thanks for your visit Elizabeth.

Hi Ruth - these were the only 2 cars in the midst of the woods - no trace of any other junk at all. Remains a mystery.

Thanks for the feedback Darlene - all my photos from my camera looked a little light on the monitor so I hoped I hadn't taken the brightness down too much. Some calibration today helped. I hope. Glad I found these 'treasures' ;-) Thanks Darlene - great Canmore shots btw - thanks again !

ju-north said...

An interesting find! The images look a wee bit light on my laptop, but that might just be my eyes!

magda said...

Ugly sight of the forest, but it happens ...
Dear friend Rick,
I wish you a Happy Easter !!!
Sorry that will not come to your blog until the end of April, because I will be a trip.

Katherine said...

I don't know but the way they are parked side by side facing opposite directions, it sure does get ones imagination going. I wonder if they were mobster cars & during some kind of underhanded, seedy kind of mob business thingy, things turned bad. Maybe there was a shootout, cars combusted and were burned out.

Whatever happened .. they do make for a good shot.

Leslie said...

The cars almost look like they're sinking into the forest floor... and the photos look fine from this end.

Jeanne Klaver said...

I love the way they're becoming a part of the earth. I have a friend who refuses to look at these unexpected sights. I always find anything that is decaying, fascinating. Great shots, and the colors look good from here!

CarreraCaballo said...

Unexpected int he middle of no where, but the second picture is amazing!!!



Tricia said...

What gems... they can't be salvaged, but they're cool! =)

Melissa Jo said...

I love old abandoned things like these cars!

Maybe someone when 'off roading' got stuck & left them there!

Leovi said...

Me encanta la textura y la carga poética de estos coches abandonados. Pero dejarlos en mitad del bosque no deja de ser un daño ecológico. Buenos disparos.

Leovi said...

I love the texture and poetic power of these cars abandoned. But leave them in the woods no less ecological damage. Buenos disparos.Maravilloso and poetry evening, a great shot a salute.

Saz said...

Wow, what amazing photo's. I wonder how they came to be there. && I love how they are now looking natural&part of the natural world. (:

Fantastic shots!

imac said...

Very neat shots and colour Rick.
Vewry grand shots of Birds - trees - - sunset -
bridges and reflections too my friend.

Having trouble with my net connections at the moment, keeps popping on and off a lot.
Got Virgin coming out thurs, hoping to have it fixed and working all the time.

pumpkydine said...

Well you always seem to capture beauty in your photos, now you have taken a rather mundane object, added a mystery twist, and caused the viewer to have to take a second, third and fourth look! I can't say how they arrived there, but someone in the past, probably teenagers, has enjoyed jumping up and down on the hood and roof from the dents and probably busted out all the windows, windshields and headlights since no glass is visible. Very interesting and great job stirring the old grey matter(brain)!

teca said...

Cars abandoned in the middle of the ride is really an adventure through nature despite the ecological damage that may result.
The pictures were good... and everything is OK on my monitor (it's 21'').
A blessed week, honey!
Kisses and a warm hug.

becky said...

Very cool shots, Rick. We actually see old cars/ trucks like this quite a bit in old washes here in NM. It's as if the earth is very slowly reclaiming them. There is something about the deterioration of of cars, houses & so forth that I find very interesting.

darlin said...

No worries mate! ;-) Have a great day!

Marty said...

comme c'est bizarre ces voitures
au milieu d'une forêt ! ce n'est
pas vraiment leur place ! elles
doivent être là depuis des années !
j'aime beaucoup ces photos, elles sont originales !
je t'envoie plein de bisous mais
sans rouille !

Rick said...

Thanks Julia - I used my laptop while in Florida but I never trusted it because the brightness changed depending on the viewing angle. I'll keep experimenting with this monitor. Happy Easter.

Thank you Magda - these too are returning to the earth although it'll take a little longer than the leaves. Have a wonderful trip and I look forward to your shots !

Ha ha - you have a vivid imagination, Katherine - I like your story ! These cars do look like they've been shot up a bit, so who knows ... Have a lovely Easter weekend.

I agree Leslie - I think they're returning to their basic elements. Thanks for the feedback on the colour. Have a great Easter !

Rick said...

Jeanne - I agree; I always try to see and absorb what's around me - lessons I've learned from my 365. And the best shots quite often come from the unexpected. Thank you for your feedback, and Happy Easter !

They truly were, Joseph ! Thank you. Have a wonderful Easter !

Thanks, Tricia. Yep - they're way beyond their 'best before' date ;-) Happy Easter !

I thought they were quite cool too. Off-roading before it became cool ! Too funny ;-) Enjoy your Easter weekend Melissa Jo !

Rick said...

Gracias, Leovi ! I appreciate your kind words. A wonderful Easter to you and yours !

Thanks so much, Saz ! Yes, a real mystery, being so far away from a road and all. I wonder how long they'll remain before they're rusted back into the ground. Have a great Easter !

Hello Stewart - good to have you back, and thank you for having a look here. I know whereof you speak re: internet problems - my speed alternates between frustratingly slow and so-so; makes it tedious to post and visit blogs at times - arggh ! I hope your issues are resolved soon. Have a wonderful Easter !

Ha ha - thank you Randy ! I think that's always a challenge in photography to take the ordinary and look at it in an 'un'ordinary way. You're likely right about how these cars (if they can still be called that) got into this shape. Have a great Easter !

Rick said...

Hi teca - yes, perhaps a joy ride that had to be abandoned, and now nature is reclaiming them ! Thank you for your visit and kind comment (and feedback on the monitor). I wish you a blessed Easter, and many warm beijos from Canada !

I agree with you Becky re: old abandoned, rusting cars. I've made some other shots of old junkers elsewhere but these really stood out in such an unlikely place. Have a great Easter weekend !

Oh Darlene - you've been 'down under' haven't you ! ;-)

Oui - très bizarre is right, Marty ! Not what one expects (nor wants) to find in the middle of the forest. I appreciate the bisous sans rouille and so I can send you many bisous sans pétrole ;-) A blessed Easter, Marty !

darlin said...

Rick not yet but even this far north we get cable television and netflix! lol

Rick said...

Ha ha Darlene - AND running water and electricity ??


darlin said...

Well back in the day I remember running for water and kerosene lights but now that I'm in the city it's all included in this house I bought, it includes running water which I no longer run for and the kerosene lamps are for sheer enjoyment. Ahhhh yes, the good old days... shucks, I did it again! Giving away my age left, right and center all over the place, mid life crisis coming up? lol

darlin said...

I just had a brilliant idea, I should have been posting a question a day from this exam and got outside opinions... to late now it's due tomorrow. Next time maybe. lol

Rick said...

Age is directly related to your state of mind, Darlene ! Hope your weekend is going well !

darlin said...

Hi again Rick, that is so true that age is a state of mind, that's most likely why I'm not a day over 30... old enough to know better and young enough to enjoy life. The weekend is starting out very well thank you, it's going to be a quiet one but I had to stay in the city for a dinner tomorrow night then maybe, just maybe, I'll take a drive out to the farm. It's been forever since I've been out that way and the hot tub is calling my name I think! :-)

Have a fantastic weekend, any plans on your end?