Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sailing into the sunset

[hopefully we're getting near home by now - 2,500 km/1,500 mi later]

I had to put up one last sunset from the south since it's unlikely I'll be able to get any shots tonight.

I hope to get around to see you all again within the next day or two. Hope your weekend was a very good one !

(18-55mm  f13  1/60 sec  ISO200)


Lisa RedWillow said...

Have a wonderful time. Love the photo. Looks like fun and enjoy yourself.

darlin said...

Rick this must have been tough to leave behind but when one door closes another opens. Thank you for leaving a lasting impression of Florida, I was concerned that my last sight of Florida for quite some time was going to be that alligator! lol

I hope you've arrived at home safe and sound... welcome home!

Marty said...

une belle photo pour finir ton séjour !
bon retour chez toi !
je te souhaite une belle semaine !
à bientôt et plein de bisous en attendant !

magda said...

Wonterful photo-sunset !!!!
Have a nice trip !!!
Have a beautiful week in your home !!!

becky said...

Welcome home, Rick! I'm sure it felt good to be in Florida (while the rest of us were experiencing winter, haha!)
But it always feels good to be home! I always have to rest a day or so after a long drive like that- I call it "car lag."
Hope spring has made it to your Northern climes.

CarreraCaballo said...

The partial perspective of the boat makes this photo very special!
Have a safe trip :-)



Tricia said...

Oh what a beauty! Ya'll have fun & be careful! =)

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Would do anything to sit on a boat like that....great sunset Rick.
Hugs Dag

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Well, that is just the perfect postcard image! "Wish i was there!" :)

Rick said...

Thank you Lisa ! We arrived safely.

Thanks, Darlene ! I couldn't leave you with the gator on your mind ;-) Back to early spring now !

Merci Marty ! Home now safe and sound. Some last warm bisous pour toi !

Thanks very much Magda. Feels good to be back - if a little cooler ;-)

Thank you Becky - the 'car lag' (LOL !) is subsiding ;-) Spring is trying hard to arrive - in fits and starts ! No more swimming for a couple of months either :(

Rick said...

Thank you Joseph ! Our trip was safe - barely, but close enough ! Hope your week is going well.

Thanks Tricia - we will, and we did ;-)

Dank je wel, Dag. Yes, I'd like to sit on one like that too - maybe next time. Safe travels whenever you go ! Groetjes.

Ha ha - thanks Elizabeth (we were thinking the same thing, but it's nice to be back ;-)

Saz said...

I really love this photo!
Hope you had an amazing time! And relax a bit when you get home! :D

Minusca said...

Fantastic trip! Wonderful sunset!

Rick said...

Thank you, Saz ! We did relax a little when we got back.

Grazie, Minu !