Friday, October 22, 2010

(Day 295) Autumn's last hurrah

We're rapidly approaching what I call the calendar dead zone - no more autumn colours, days mostly gray and sometimes wet, trees barren, and blooms finished. The world around us seems to have already gone to sleep but has not yet received its blanket of snow. Sasha and I walked around a little this afternoon and ended up near the pond. A  maple tree beside the pond had just shed another leaf, and a water lily was trying in vain to open a flower one last time.

We await the next scene.

Note: we will be gone to Denver this weekend for a niece's wedding. Camera is travelling with me but I will be unable to post or visit till Monday (maybe Sunday).

(70-200mm  f14  1/200 sec  ISO800)

(70-200mm  f11  1/125 sec  ISO400)


marty said...

so beautiful images! the reflect is wonderful !
have a lovely weekend Rick and i'm sur you will
come back with gorgeous photos !
beaucoup de french bisous et à lundi !!!

Dawn said...

These are absolutely Amazing!!!!
Are you planning to put these in some sort of Photo book?
I want that 1st one up on my wall!!!

Have a wonderful trip...can't wait to see what you capture next.....

Leovi said...

Very nice two pictures. Do not know which one. A greeting.

jasmin said...

lieber Rick, das Foto Blatt gefällt mir gut und weißt du auch warum? einmal weil es schön ist und weil der Ahornbaum mein Lieblingsbaum ist, mit all seinen Blättern und auch die Farbe und Art des Stammes,der Zweige,so ein Lindgrün,
ich habe schon Blätter aufgehoben und mit nach Hause genommen, Grüße von Jasmin

Alexander DeLarge said...

REALLY beautiful pictures. No matter if they are conventional subjects, the composition and harmony makes them beautiful. Greetings, Alex.

Hillary said...

Nice photos, I love them both. Fall has to be one of my favorite times of the year :)

teca said...

I loved the photos!

Thank you for sharing...

Kisses with love and a great weekend!

Scott said...

Looks like you caught some nice drops next to that golden leaf, and that poor lily flower looks pretty sad as it tips to the side. Great shots. Hope you have (had) fun in Denver. Too bad you couldn't jump over the mountains and visit us in SLC area.

Chad said...

Like the bright yellow leaf against the dull water background. My water lillies kick the bucket some time ago.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

True beauties Rick. Have fun this weekend.
Can't wait to see some weddingshots (maybe you'll send them out).
Hug Dagmar

Tim said...

Hey Rick, glad to see you're still at it! I know what you mean about the calendar dead zone and I certainly felt some trepidation over it during my own 365 project last year but I was pleasantly surprised once the snow flew. Many of my BEST shots came at the time when I least expected.

darlin said...

Stunningly beautiful, the maple leaf is a fantastic capture, makes me want to sing "Oh Canada"! lol I love the reflection in the second shot, you have such a keen eye for taking photos and never cease to amaze me... I'm "wowed" once again.

Have a fantastic time at the wedding and a wonderful weekend!

joey said...

Lovely images, Chad. Enjoy your weekend :)

imac said...

Gee Rick, nothing grey about this post.
Tis a beauty of a post, colourful and reflections amist.

Katherine said...

Such a lovely last hurrah, I reckon! These are both beautiful pictures, great reflections, rippling, bubbling water...just lovely!!

chasity said...

these are both so lovely...
glad you were out to find them before they were gone.

becky said...

I am jealous of all your traveling! It seems I only started following your blog a short while ago & you have been on 2 big vacations & lots of little ones!! Lucky duck!
Anywho, of course your photos are gorgeous... I especially LOVE the 2nd one. Have fun at the wedding.... you'll be seeing snow on the mountains around Denver!

CarreraCaballo said...

Very clear, I like it :-)



Costea Andrea Mihai said...

wonderful photos!! beautiful colors and composition!

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Your leave in the water makes me want to run down to the creek and see if I can find one. Love the lily..

Karen said...

Both of these images are lovely.

Rick said...

@marty - merci marty ! It was a wonderful weekend and I'm late catching up on comments. Merci aussi pour les bisous - they are always appreciated - and returned !

@Dawn - thank you Dawn for your kind comment. My daughter says I need to create a photo book from my 365 project - as the politicians say - "I'm taking it under advisement" ;-)

@Leovi - thank you !

@jasmin - mir auch jasmin; there were no maple trees near our house when we moved here 7 years ago - we have since planted about 14 of varying heights - we love them for the same reasons. Viele Grüße von Rick !

@Alexander DeLarge - thank you Alexander; I think part of the challenge of photography is turning the ordinary into the extraordinary - I don't always succeed, but I always try.

@Hillary - thank you Hillary, and thanks for stopping by; I agree, but then again I like each season as its turn comes up :)

@teca - thank you teca - my pleasure ! Beijos coming your way ;-)

@Scott - thanks Scott; I would love to have crossed over the mountains into Utah - except my wife would not have got me back for a long time - it would have been as if I'd died and gone to (photographer's) heaven !

@Chad - thank you Chad; I think this is definitely the last I'll see of water lilies till next May/June.

@Barefoot from Heaven - thanks Dag ! I did make a number of photos in Denver, but I didn't make any of the wedding - just enjoyed myself there (and will rely on their photographer !).

@Tim - thanks for dropping by Tim and commenting; the 365 can be gruelling, especially having to come up with something daily. I agree that it's the unexpected that makes it interesting, and rewarding. By the way - I had visited your blog several times but was prevented from leaving a comment.

@darlin - thanks Darlene; I was down on the wet ground almost at water level to get the lily (on plastic, of course). And the weekend was terrific - thanks.

@joey - egads ! Chad ? Has he invaded my blog ? ;-) That's ok joey - honest mistake that I've made before too. And ... thank you.

@imac - thank you mac - have to look harder for colour now ;-)

@Katherine - thank you Katherine ! Winter will soon be upon us, just as I'm sure you'll soon be into spring !

@chasity - thanks Chas; so was I :)

@becky - LOL - yeah, after all that travelling, I need a vacation ;-) I did indeed see snow at higher elevations on the mountains - looked very pretty and reminded me of our time in Calgary when we lived there. Thanks Becky. ps - more travel coming up - stay tuned.

@CarreraCaballo - thank you Joseph !

@Costea Andrea Mihai - thanks for dropping by Costea, and your comment.

@Here I Am/Carrie - thanks Carrie, and good luck - I'll check to see if you found one ;-)

@Karen - thank you Karen - your visits and comments are always appreciated !

Rick said...

Dear readers - I have just spent the last hour replying to each of your comments; in the interests of time, I addressed each one of you in one large comment. Fool was I - when I went to post it, blogger decided to give me an error message and I can find no trace of anything I wrote.

Of course I would like to write something nasty or do something else to relieve my frustration, but ...

It's now quite late at night.

I would like to thank each of you for taking the time to visit, to look at my shots, and to provide encouragement - I've come to realize that this is one of the parts I look most forward to each day, in addition to the challenge of a 365 project, and visiting as many of your blogs as I can fit in.

So - I won't try to recall and rewrite my responses. Perhaps I should go back to my old method of posting individual responses.

(allow me just one arggggghhh !!!)

Thank you - I feel better ;-)

Rick said...


Ok - so now blogger is playing with my head. No sooner had I written the last post above and hit 'post comment' than blogger decided to post my responses - that were lost - and my lament.

One more time - argggghhh !!

Good night !