Thursday, October 28, 2010

(Day 301) Lawn ornaments and surprises

You may not remember, so I'll remind you, that we've had our share of rain here lately. And with the temperatures still up in the comfortable range (15-20C/60-68F) that means that the grass is still growing. I thought I'd done the last of the mowing, but the lawn looks like it should have another trim before settling down for the winter.

As I noticed the length of the grass I also saw a couple of lawn ornaments poking out from among the grass, and I thought I should capture them before they too got trimmed.

Oh, and my wife shocked me this morning when she handed me the camera and asked me to look at the images on it (I always delete images from the camera once I've downloaded them). Imagine my surprise when I saw some beautiful sunRISE photos she had made ! Early morning is not prime time for me so I miss the sunrise (unless I set the alarm, which is rare). I thought I'd share one with you. Maybe I should get her a DSLR for Christmas - better yet, give her mine and I can get a shiny new one ;-)

(60mm  f7.1  1/60 sec  ISO800)

(60mm  f7.1  1/13 sec  ISO100)

 I think my endless prattle about photography must be having a subliminal effect - she mentioned that she specifically went to the pond so she could get a reflection in the shot also !

(10-22mm  f4.5  1/60 sec  ISO400


CarreraCaballo said...

Whats up with the wifeys . . . First mine took over for a while and now yours is taking over your blog . . . We must fight back for our pride . . . Or else the fairer sex will makes us go under LOL
Soon my blog will be called CarreraCaball"a"s :-D :-D :-D

Very beautiful shots by the way ;-)



Rick said...

@CarreraCaballo - ha ha ha !! LOL ! Yep Joseph, I think my wife must have looked at some of the comments and decided if Joseph's wife can do it, so can I ! I'll try to 'rein her in' ;-) Thanks Joseph.

Dawn said...

Tell your wife she is a natural!!! and
you are contagious:)

Glad you caught the lawn ornaments before you shaved them.
Guess that's a bonus with snow here...I CANT possibly mow now;)

S. Etole said...

I see a new camera in the near future ... for one of you!

becky said...

Yup, you should definitely get her a camera!! Then she could start blogging, too! Mushrooms or toadstools? I like the second one best.
Are you retired? Why no alarm? I HATE it when my alarm goes off at o''s just not natural to get up that early! Your weather sounds nice- it was 28 degrees F on my way to work this morning!

Carolyn Ford said...

We have been getting mushrooms lately too. But, it's not because of rain...I think we water too much at times. And, you better get out the checkbook and get another camera! I see some real talent in this definitely need 2 cameras clicking away! =)

Photog Ave said...

Her picture is beautiful!! (but yours are too, as always :) And I like the idea of getting a new camera...for you :) but good luck with that!
I like the post title, but I have to admit, I was thinking of something else truly horrid like plastic flamingos - I hope you don't have any!?

By the way- belated congrats on hitting day 300! I do hope you will still keep up the blog after day 365.

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Her sunrise is beautiful! Yes, my husband and I just had the same conversation about me gifting him my camera! The grass is always greener, huh? What do you shoot with?

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Yep,I think she 'needs' her own good camera.:)

joey said...

Love how your talent rubbed off ... my children, who once/growing up teased me, are all camera buffs :) No need to worry about a gift for your loved one ... let her shine!

ju-north said...

Love the sunrise shot! Hope your wife runs with it!

marty said...

Jolies photos et mention spéciale pour le
sunRISE qui est absolument magnifique ! le petit pont et le reflet dans l'étang ... très beau !
congratulations Madame "Rick" ! bisous à
tous les deux et joyeux weekend !!

darlin said...

Rick, my image of you has just been shattered! LOL Naturally your wife should get the new camera, tough call but with a photo like this one she shot here it's obvious that she's a natural. Fantastic sunrise! Plus she'd have a fantastic teacher, your photos always impress the heck right out of me, you have talent my friend, tons of talent which oozes through your lens.

Have a fantastic weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing your wife's new blog in the early New Year! ;-)

Scott said...

Time to go shopping for sure. Every time I suggest to my wife that I give her my laptop I get told that if there is a new laptop to by bought it will belong to her, so good luck with the camera hand-me-down stunt. I love your little funghi photos as well as her beautiful sunrise.

Leovi said...

Beautiful red sky and the reflections of the water too, I see you've used flash to illuminate foreground objects.

Julia said...

Wow, mom did an excellent job!!! She is a closet photographer!!!

Rick said...

@Dawn - I'll do that but hope it doesn't go to her head ;-) The lawn ornaments were trimmed - only to have more appear in another area; c'mon snow ! ;-)

@S. Etole - therein lies the question - for whom.

@becky - I had dreamt for many years to not have to have an alarm wake me - and it's been a reality for a while now. I am retired from having to go to work to make a living but I think I have a better 'living' now. I agree - it's unnatural to get up that early - although I do miss the sunrises - but my wife doesn't !

Rick said...

@Carolyn Ford - trade for a while ? You take the rain & we'll water ;-) Re: another camera - maybe we'll see what Santa brings this year ;-)

@Avery - somehow I doubt a new camera is going to materialize. for me. LOL - pink flamingos - haven't seen them since we ordered a lawnfull for a sister-in-law a few years ago ! Thanks Avery (no promises for day 366 ;-)

@The Whimsical Gardener - on her behalf - thanks ! I'm shooting with a Rebel XS; not sure what my next camera would be.

@Ruth's Photo Blog - I'll tell her you said so ! ;-)

Thanks for dropping by Ruth !

Rick said...

@joey - ha ha - I must have been talking in my sleep about photography ! Nice to hear your children 'caught the bug'. I'll see how contagious it is here ;-)

@ju-north - thank you; she has a few other credits on my blog; I'll see where she wants to go with it.

@marty - merci encore Marty ! I think she has natural talent, although she doesn't think so. Bisous pour toi for the weekend Marty - I hope it's a good one.

Rick said...

@darlin - hey - she's a natural with MY camera, so I think it only right that I give her that one, and I'll look for a new one ;-)

Thanks Darlene - I'm not sure how well she'd take to the 'teacher/student' thing though ;-)

I hope your weekend too is great (and dry !!).

@Scott - ha ha - I hear you Scott about the hand-me-downs - about as likely as the next sunrise coming up in the west ! Thanks for dropping by Scott.

@Leovi - yes, my wife sneaked out early this morning to capture the sunrise - she's no technical camera expert but she has an eye for beauty !

@Julia - thanks Ju ! I'm working on getting her 'out of the closet' - maybe you can help !

Katherine said...

Oh wow she certainly did that sunrise justicem make sure you tell her for's magical!! I bet after seeing that, that you may try set your alarm and get up a little earlier to capture your very own sunrise shot. I'm sorry Rick but as wonderful as your mushroom shots the prize definitely goes to your wife with an eye for beauty!!

darlin said...

Rick you're a smart man who knows his wife well! ;-)

CarreraCaballo said...

You can upgrade now to a Canon 50D or better yet you might to take into consideration Full-FOrmat DSLRs like a Canon 5D/7D or a Nikon D700 :-)



teca said...

Rick, I loved the last one... lovely!

Have a great sunday, honey!

Kisses and warm hugs.


Rick said...

@Katherine - yes, she did do it justice - I`ll let her know Katherine - thank you ! As for the alarm ... uh, no ;-)

@darlin - after this many years, I should ! ;-) ... or maybe, I`d better ! ;-)

@CarreraCaballo - oh now don`t get me started Joseph - you know I`d have to blame it on you if I got tempted ;-)

@teca - I`ll thank my wife on your behalf teca ;-)

Os abraços e beija para você ! (I hope that translated ok)

Karen said...

Lovely colors, especially the reflection.

Rick said...

@Karen - thank you ! I'll let my wife know ;-)

Here I Am/Carrie said...

Hi Rick I am here finally with a little catching up to do. I so love your wifes sunrise. I too am rarely up to see them we don't get much here but when south at the Salton Sea in the winter their are some beautiful one. She diffinently has an eye.

Rick said...

@Here I Am/Carrie - thanks Carrie - I'll be sure to tell my wife ! Look forward to seeing one of your 'rare' sunrises.