Sunday, October 24, 2010

(Day 297) Good morning Denver

Sometimes you just do what you have to do to meet the self-imposed obligations of doing a project 365, namely to make and post (at least) 1 photo each day for a whole year. I wasn't too sure what opportunities there might or might not be today as we had to leave our hotel early, return a rental car, and get to the airport for our early morning departure. With little time between our 2 flight segments, crossing 2 time zones and a 2-hour drive back from the airport, it was dark by the time we arrived home. Opportunities were about zilch, nada.

Anticipating that, I quickly stepped out onto the 12th floor balcony of our hotel at 06:30 a.m. and made a few photos of Denver's skyline. Needless to say, there wasn't much traffic.

(18-55mm  f7.1  1 sec  ISO800)


Scott said...

I think that one works just fine. Every one can't be an artistic masterpiece. Hope you have a great week.

Katherine said...

Nice night shot of Denver! Hope you had a nice time at the wedding!

Karen said...

Agree with Scott. Every photo is not going to have the WOW factor, but the discipline of looking for, and finding photo ops every day is definitely making you a more skilled photographer.

darlin said...

Rick I personally think that this is a true photo, not some showpiece all photoshopped to look like it belongs in a gallery. I like it, the realness, the dedication to this project and the fact that I have never seen Denver before just adds to this. Thanks for showing me Denver at 6:30am!

becky said...

Now that's dedication. I once read the book "The Artist's Way~"
An assignment was to get up & write at least 3 pages of long hand, stream of thought, whatever comes to mind writing... for three months! Had to be first thing... before you had a chance to really think. I did it though, & it was a pretty cool exercise. My long winded point is, I think it's great to dedicate yourself to something that you find worthwhile, meaningful, challenging, artistic!

Dawn said...

You looked, you saw, you captured....
The Artist:)
A true photographer can find an opportunity when there is none.
You did it...and I would like to now go to Denver!

Have a great week!!

imac said...

Well worth it Rick.

marty said...

c'est beau une ville la nuit ! j'espère que
tu as passé un super week end à Denver !
je te souhaite une belle semaine !
bisous bisous pour toi

jasmin said...

es ist schön, was du zeigst, und ich denke wir hätten alle viel mehr zu zeigen und zu sagen wenn nicht der Raum begrenzt wäre, es ist ein ganz kleiner Ausschnitt aus unserem Täglichen, so ist die Konzentration auf ein Weniges, was eine Aussage hat beschränkt,
viele herzliche Grüße von Jasmin...

Leovi said...

Great night view, the light is perfect.

Costea Andrea Mihai said...

beautiful night shot! well expose! regards

CarreraCaballo said...

Hi Rick,

I want to stick to Scott's comment!
Not every photo in a 365 project must be an artistic masterpiece!
And honestly, your photo is still a good shot ;-)

Have a great week!



Rick said...

@Scott - thanks Scott; some days there's lots of time to find those photo ops, other days you take what's presented.

@Katherine - thank you Katherine; the wedding was wonderful and we're glad we had the opportunity to be there.

@Karen - appreciate the encouragement; I've certainly learned a lot through doing this, discipline not being the least !

@darlin - thank you ! You certainly know what it's like to do this day in, day out - being in your 2nd consecutive 365. I just wanted to make sure I had at least 1 keeper since I didn't know if I'd have another opportunity that day.

@becky - phew ! That was some assignment - 3 pages of longhand - BEFORE breakfast ! I'm glad I took the challenge - I've certainly learned a lot, and appreciate the encouragement of so many others. Thank you !

@Dawn - thank you Dawn ! My wife was waiting impatiently as I stepped out onto the balcony (I left that out of the narrative ;-)

@imac - thanks mac !

@marty - we had a wonderful time there and the city (or the small part we saw of it) was very picturesque. Merci pour votre visite et les bisous ;-) Quelques bisous pour toi from Denver !!

@jasmin - danke Jasmin; I appreciate your kind words - required to see my way through the project !

@Leovi - thank you; I'm seldom up at that time of day but the pre-dawn light was wonderful.

@Costea Andrea Mihai - thank you Costea !

@CarreraCaballo - thank you Joseph; I was not at all disappointed with the shot - I don't do many night (or pre-dawn) shots; maybe I'll make that a bit more of a focus (no pun) - but not many night photo ops in the (very dark) countryside ;-)

darlin said...

I just noticed becky's comment and what a fantastic idea, I'd love to take that challenge but not until the summer when I have a break from university! Thanks becky for the idea!

Rick said...

@darlin - can I count my daily posts ? ;-)

Look at the good ideas you can pick up by being a blogger !

Think I'll get through this 365 first :)