Tuesday, October 26, 2010

(Day 299) Exposed

When springtime arrives, all sorts of things start to appear, and we're eager to get out there and capture them. The first buds, new leaves on the trees, emerging plants, and those first blooms. But there are other things that disappear as the trees and bushes come into full leaf. Among them are some of our neighbours' homes, and they don't reappear until autumn has come full circle and trees have again shed their leaves.

Just up the road from us sits the home that is today's subject - no longer hidden behind the foliage.

(70-200mm  f11  1/125 sec  ISO200)


imac said...

Certainly looks a grand place, and love the red roof too.

CarreraCaballo said...

Very true :-)



The Whimsical Gardener said...

Great shot! Interesting how the views constantly change throughout the year. Never boring!

darlin said...

What a beautiful photo of a fairytale house! Good stuff, for lack of better terminology right about now. I'm going to post either way later tonight or in the morning, I was up all night last night with a bit of a mishap and am wiped!

Have a great night and another wonderful shot! Keep them coming Rick, we're almost there.

joey said...

Is that the real red roof inn? Seriously, how true, Rick. Autumn says, "Look about at a whole new world."

becky said...

If I had to pick a favorite season, I think I'd have to say spring... because of the reasons you've mentioned... things are new, fresh, growing, blooming... but there is something wonderful about each & every season.
Your words often give pause to think as much as your photography!
Very cool house, by the way!

Alexander DeLarge said...

Rick! Hey, thanks for your comment on my post. You are following me, the thing is your icon doesn't appear in the first list.
Thanks for the advice on the translator gadget, I'll figure out how to put it!

Greetings, Alex.

Dawn said...

Love the red roof!
(I always miss the leaves and don't mind the things they hide!
For me...it's always a relief when they come back and hide unwanted scenery:)

Leovi said...

I like the hints ls house through the trees.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

The threes reveal so much more now a days.
This looks like a Pipi Langkous huis, je weet wel dat meisje met die rode vlechtjes...remember it?
Nou zo niet, zoek de boeken er maar eens op na.
Liefs Dag

Bitch said...

Very nice scenery.. You have an eye for this!
Thank you for your comment on my blog!!

marty said...

c'est la maison de blanche neige et les
7 nains ?? si tu les vois, fais leur un
bisou de ma part !!
et un gros bisou pour toi aussi de France

Leslie said...

I love that red roof peeking through the bare trees. It looks almost like fall foliage!

Costea Andrea Mihai said...

beautiful place!! best regards

Karen said...

Love this scene, Rick, and the red roof puts it over the top!

The PostMan said...

Picture perfect! Bravo, you have captured the essence you want to get across to your readers rick!


Tricia said...

Looks like a pretty & nice home!

M. Hassan said...

This is awesome! It looks like a painting. Love all the colors, make a beautiful contrast!

teca said...

Beautiful picture, although trees are "bald."

A lovely house...


Lisa RedWillow said...

Very Beautuiful Rick.
and yes things are slowing down.Thank you so much for asking.

Rick said...

@imac - thanks mac; I'll have to post a photo of the barn that goes with this home - fits nicely.

@CarreraCaballo - the seasons come and go - another cycle of life.

@The Whimsical Gardener - thank you Cat - so true; I've thought of re-visiting some of the areas I photographed in other seasons just to capture the changes.

@darlin - thank you; I'm not sure that the old folks who used to live there would call it fairy tale, but it certainly looks like it through the trees - and especially when it was partially hidden earlier in the year. I'll be over to hear about your 'mishap' soon - hopefully not too serious !

Rick said...

@joey - well the red roof part is real, not the inn ;-)

Thanks joey - I agree that autumn opens up a whole new, colourful world.

@becky - thanks Becky; my favourite season is (usually) the one that's here at the time and the changing of the seasons is a great experience - always something new just around the corner. Thanks for visiting and your positive comments !

@Alexander DeLarge - thanks Alex - will make my life a little easier ;-)

@Dawn - but sometimes they hide things that are nice to see; we're starting to see many neighbours' homes again - some were completely hidden since spring. But I also always look forward to the new leaves coming out in spring !

Rick said...

@Leovi - maybe I'll go back in the spring and make a photo of it while it's only partially hidden. Thanks for dropping by.

@Barefoot from Heaven - ik denk niet dat ik Pipi Langkous ken (mischien ben ik te oud ? ;-) 'k zal het op zoeken. Alles goed met jou ? Mensen - ik heb in lange tijd niet zoveel nederlands geschreven !! Dag Dag ! ;-)

@Bitch - hi Monika; thanks for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment ! I appreciate it.

@marty - maybe I should go up to the door and find out - as long as Grumpy doesn't answer ! ;-) LOL ! Merci et beaucoup de bisous de moi, pas de 'Grincheux' ;-)

Rick said...

@Leslie - thank you Leslie; yes - it seems to fit in quite nicely.

@Costea Andrea Mihai - thank you Costea !

@Karen - it caught my eye as I was driving past it - I backed up, got out, and had to make a photo of it. Thanks Karen !

@The PostMan - thank you for dropping by - much appreciated.

@Tricia - yes, as far as I can see from the outside - will have to ask my wife since she's actually been inside. Thanks for coming over for a look.

Rick said...

@M. Hassan - hello M and nice to hear from you; I assume you've been pretty busy (I know what that's like). Thanks for your nice comment.

@teca - LOL - yes, trees are bald - no choice right now, but it does reveal the lovely house ;-) Thank you, and beijos teca !

@Lisa RedWillow - good to hear Lisa - allows you to get back to your photography, which I look forward to seeing. Thank you !

bicocacolors said...

...like a dream!!!
i love!!

Katherine said...

Hey there Rick... I would love a house like this..so full of character and I would imagine..plenty of room within.
You captured it beautifully as always... well done!

Rick said...

@bicocacolors - thank you Elena; like a fairy house set in the woods.

@Katherine - it's one of the pioneer homes in this area - well-built and with style. I haven't been in it but my wife has - and it is roomy inside. Thank you Katherine - hope your weekend is going well !