Thursday, January 20, 2011

Castle with a view

It's been about 5 months now since we were in Rhodes, and on occasion I like to view the photos I made there - it brings me right back to the experience. When I was doing the 365 project last year I limited my daily posting to (usually) only 1 shot. But now, when I haven't been able to get the camera out on a particular day, I may get a photo from the archives and use it here.

This one was taken near the edge of a 236m/780' sheer cliff on the hill where the Monolithos Castle was built back in 1480 by the Knights of St. John. This stronghold was never conquered. Some restoration work has begun on the castle but a lot of it still remains as the ravages of time have taken its toll. As you can see, the coastline on the west side of the island of Rhodes is quite rugged and there are few beaches and few resorts near here (our kind of place). And if you really squint, you might make out the coastline of Turkey in the distance.

(10-22mm  f11  1/1000 sec  ISO800)


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

I love this picture.The crooked old tree makes it perfect.

darlin said...

What a beautiful place to have been Rick, I also love the tree that you have in the foreground of this magnificent photo.

Scott said...

That is a gorgeous view. I'm still jealous of that trip. Maybe some day after I win the lottery.

Katherine said...

The tree trunk has character, just like the ones you see in those enchanted childrens books or movies... What a beautiful view that this Rick!

joey said...

Excellent capture, Rick. Love viewing life through your eye!

magda said...

Beautiful panoramic photo !! The old tree is magic !

marty said...

this is an amazing view ! the sea so blue and
this wonderful tree ! I really love this shot !
thank you Rick - I send you blue bisous !
Now you can answer in french lol !!
have a lovely day

CarreraCaballo said...

Very clever spot to take the photo!
The tree in the foreground defines the distant cliff :-)



Farmchick said...

Wow! A spectacular view.

imac said...

The twistewd tree really makes this shot Rick.

Soraia B. said...

So beautiful! :D

Thank you for your visit :D

The Whimsical Gardener said...

This is lovely. The beauty in imperfection is so fascinating.

Rick said...

Thank you Ruth - I might not have 'seen' that perspective a couple of years ago.

Thanks Darlene - it definitely was worth the steep climb in the heat to get there - wouldn't have missed it, and Rhodes should be on your places to visit !

LOL - thanks Scott - got your ticket ?

Thank you Katherine - I often wondered just how old that tree was - would it have been there as a young tree when the knights were there ? Hmmm.

Rick said...

Thanks for your nice comment joey !

Thank you Magda - Greece is so beautiful with so many historic places, and I've only seen a tiny bit - but it was magic !

Merci Marty ! vos commentaires sont très gentils et je les apprécie (j'ai dû tricher un peu avec le traducteur - j'espère qu'il fait du bon travail) Mais je t'envoie des bisous chauds !

Leovi said...

A wonderful view with a very unique tree in the foreground.

Rick said...

Thank you Joseph - I think my 365 project helped me see better, but I'm still learning.

Thank you Farmchick !

Thanks Stewart (kept me from getting too close to the edge too !)

I appreciate your visits and comments too, Soraia !

Rick said...

Thank you Cat. You're right - the builder would call that tree imperfect; we wouldn't !

Rick said...

Thank you Leovi !