Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It was a warm and windy night ...

... when I made this photo just a few weeks ago on our last trip here. There's something magical about seeing trees swaying in the breeze especially when they're palm trees and the breeze is warm. Having lived through many cold winters 'up north' I appreciate the warm weather here in southwest Florida. I can't honestly say I miss the cold and ice and slush, but I do enjoy how a fresh snowfall is like hitting the refresh button on the landscape. I'm glad we were back for a few weeks to experience it. If only winter could be 3-4 weeks long I think a lot more people would enjoy it. But then there wouldn't be a need for snowbirds !

(18-55mm  f8.0  8 sec  ISO200)

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teca said...

I love seeing the leaves swaying in the wind... I can spend hours admiring their movement... specially in warm weather. Much better than freezing in snow white. ;)
By the way, how beautiful shot!


Lisa RedWillow said...

How very very beautiful this is.
I just cant wait to feel the trade winds, see the palms . Its a dream come ture for me.
I have so much snow in my yard this year it has me amazed . The wind really had a good time here for a day or two.
Again I love the light and Palms.

The Whimsical Gardener said...

You captured the essence of the balmy, breezy night perfectly.

joey said...

How lovely, Rick. With another Arctic blast weekend in the works, warm and windy sounds delightful!

CarreraCaballo said...

Wow, I like the motion in the photo, and the light forms a Halo-Like Palm tree :-)



imac said...

Warm feeling with this shot Rick.
Nice one.

marty said...

un hiver de 3 ou 4 semaines, tu rêves Rick !
mais un jour peut-être puisque notre planète
se réchauffe ! mais quel bonheur après les
longs mois d'hiver de voir les snowbirds ou
autres oiseaux revenir chez nous pour nous
dire que l'hiver est enfin fini !!! En entendant, le vent chaud dans les palmiers, comme cela doit
être agréable ! ah là là ! ici c'est le vent
glacé à travers les branches nues !!!
plein de bisous rafraichissants pour toi, parce que tu as surement trop chaud !!!
(poor Rick , now you have to translate all this !!)

S. Etole said...

great motion in these when enlarged ...

Soraia B. said...

Awesome :D

Rick said...

Thank you very much Teca - yes, my preference is also for warm breezes (with the occasional trip to see the snow ;-) Many warm beijos for you !

Thanks Lisa - you will enjoy it very much, and will create memories (and photos !) that will see you through many cold winter days !

Cat - thank you; hopefully some of that has returned to you also.

Thank you Joey - yes, I saw on the news that more winter was on the way .. but so is spring - just on a different time scale !

Rick said...

Thank you Joseph !

Glad I was able to help Stewart ! Thanks !

LOL Marty !! I had a 3-week winter, so it CAN be done ;-) Yes, I'll let you know when the snowbirds return so you can rejoice in the warm spring. I send you bisous on the warm wind !

Thank you Susan (I liked what the long exposure did to it).

Thank you Soraia !

Katherine said...

There is something very therapeutic about watching the fronds of a palm swaying in the breeze. I especially love it when it's against the backdrop of an azure sky.
This photo is beautiful Rick .. I love how the palm fronds capture the light ..very beautiful!

darlin said...

Rick this is such a dreamy photo, especially sitting here in the cold winter up north as you so eloquently put it. :-) All I need to do is put on some dreamy music sit back and enjoy... wait a second, I don't have time to do that with all of this homework piled up! POOF out of the dream and time to hit the books again.

Carpe diem

Rick said...

Thank you Katherine. Glad you enjoyed it and I hope you're staying dry and haven't been affected by all that weather !

Ah Darlene, to sit and dream even for a few moments is a good thing, isn't it ? Glad you enjoyed ... temporarily. Good luck with hitting the books !

Leovi said...

Precious light

darlin said...

Rick sometimes I require more than luck to get this work all done, I need to actually apply myself, go figure eh? lol Thank you Rick and I'm saying that with all sincerity.

Rick said...

Thank you Leovi !

Ah yes, it certainly helps to apply oneself - although I'm not sure how that works for lottery winners - surely a little luck must come into play there. Best wishes then for a positive outcome ;-)