Monday, January 3, 2011

On the way home

Sasha and I went to the vet today - she got the shot, I paid the bill. Sasha doesn't mind if I go on photo shoots, as long as she gets to ride along. I took a different route home which passed through a little-traveled area, where I hadn't been in some time. I decided that I could get a better view by venturing onto the ice - recall that we had 'balmy' temps of 11C/52F here the past couple of days.

Fortunately the area was fairly secluded so there were no passersby to see me gingerly test the ice near the edge of the creek. It seemed safe enough, despite some ominous looking cracks. Screwing up my courage I decided that an even better view might be had by lying down on the ice. I had visions of the ice giving way leaving me to dog paddle back to shore with a ruined camera and a bruised ego. But, I breathed and moved cautiously, and all went well.

Somehow my photo shoots don't produce that glow of accomplishment if I haven't turned it into an adventure of sorts.

(note: all 3 shots made with a 10-22mm lens at f11.0, ISO200 and shutter speeds of 1/125, 1/320, and 1/250 sec)


The Whimsical Gardener said...

Yes, those were worth the danger! Did Santa bring you a new wide angle for Christmas?!

Farmchick said...

Nice shots for sure, but be careful!

Ruth said...

You got great shots,but this does sound a little dangerous.I'm glad all went well.

Rick said...

Thanks Cat ! No - I've had that since late summer, and it's a beautiful thing. Still learning how to use it.

I didn't try anything crazy on the ice - just tested it near shore (and listened very carefully for any cracking !). Thanks Farmchick.

Thank you Ruth - I tried not to get myself in real trouble - I don't think the creek is over 5' deep.

becky said...

The last one is my fave... but be careful in the quest for the perfect shot.

joyce said...

Ice scares me, even if its guaranteed to be a foot thick. I cringe when I see a lake full of trucks anhd snowmobiles and ice fishers. I'm glad you made it off safely, and, don't tell your mother what you did!

S. Etole said...

held my breath for a minute ... great shots

Rick said...

Thanks Becky ! So far, so good ;-)

Joyce - I don't think I'd ever drive a vehicle on the ice either - being trapped doesn't hold any appeal ! (promise I'll keep mum about it ;-)

Thank you Susan - I held my breath too ;-)

Dawn said...

Very brave....but glad you're daring:)) It makes for great shots;))

Laying on the ice is safest anyway...isn't it?

ju-north said...

Sometimes the ordinary turns out to be extraordinary - great shots!

darlin said...

Rick, you're nuts! In a good way! lmao I'd love to go on a photo shoot with you one day, I don't care where or what you're shooting, I just want to take photos of you taking your shots!

These are magnificent shots, the first one has me captivated, and I shouldn't be captivated at this hour, I have to get up in 5 hours! All the best to you in the morning, you're going to do some magnificent work, I can just feel it! Go and show them what you got my friend, and when you're rich and famous don't forget about this little person k? lol Nite!

Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Again great photos! You are a very brave soul to have ventured on the ice for the shots but it was worth it and you are safe. So well done!

Katherine said... we should be counting our lucky stars that we actually got to see these wonderful pictures today Rick ... it's easy to see why your beautiful little granddaughters love the thrill of catching air whilst sledding, they're thrill seekers like their granddad. Wonderful stuff!

CarreraCaballo said...

Photographz at its best, taking risks for the sake of "THE SHOT" . . . Well done :-)



chasity said...

beautiful...just love that first one.

the contrast of the warm golden color and the blue of the ice is breathtaking.

hope you have a very blessed 2011.


marty said...

tu as pris des risques ! la glace aurait pu
rompre !!je crois que les photographes sont
tous un peu fous !! mais les photos sont
vraiment magnifiques ! ces herbes aux couleurs
chaudes au milieu des glaces, c'est d'une
grande beauté !
bisous Rick et attention à toi ! ne sois pas
imprudent !!!

Soraia said...

So beautiful!

No, the water is not going into a drain. I don't know if I can explain well but I will try. The water is always the same. It's a cicle. The water arrives to the place in the photo and goes back to the begin of the font (if we call that a font).
I hope you get it :P

Rick said...

Yes Dawn - I felt much safer lying down ;-) At least I didn't hear any more cracking - phew ! Thanks.

Thank you Julia - sometimes it's all about 'getting down' ;-)

LOL Darlene - just ask my wife (she usually looks the other way !); sometimes there's just no elegant way to get a shot - know what I mean ? Ha ha - rich and famous - more likely wet and infamous ! ;-)

Rick said...

Thanks Karin - I survived to shoot another day ;-)

Thanks Katherine - I'll have you know that I don't 'encourage' reckless behaviour (I just try to photograph it ;-)

LOL Joseph - thank you - and I got away dry ;-)

Rick said...

Thank you Chas - I'm finding that wonderful shots can be found almost everywhere when your eyes are 'open' (learning that lesson daily). A great 2011 for you too !

Merci Marty - I will take care - don't want my camera to get ruined ! ;-)

Ok, now I see, and understand - thank you Soraia. You explained it well.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hi Rick, Wow if only I could have seen you glide over the ice on your
And those pics could easely been taken just around the corner here.

They look just like the Hatertse Vennen....look that one up on a map.
Glad you're still save and dry.
Hugs Dag

Leovi said...

A good warm tones, wonderfully beautiful.

Lisa RedWillow said...

Beautiful.. Just beautiful

Photog Ave said...

LOVE the color in these!
My favorite has to be #2.

Krista said...

Rick, these are stunning! I particularly like the last one!

Rick said...

Thank you to all of you I couldn't respond to individually. I truly appreciate your comments - I've read and re-read them !