Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Weather vagaries ...

... or, whatever happened to weather you can count on ?

Let me begin by saying that this is not a rant. I am merely making an observation.

We're in the process of acclimatizing ourselves. We came through what we hoped was winter's last blast (for us) a couple of days ago, and were treated yesterday to some of the best of what the south has to offer, weather-wise, that is - sunshine and 24C/75F. Today is a different story - a blustery wind and 16C/62F and tonight promises to drop down to 3C/38F. Now, for people trudging through another blizzard in the northeast or living through truly frigid winter temperatures this might seem downright balmy. But I think our perception is very much related to our expectations.

So, before I feel even a tinge of disappointment, I just have to be reminded of what we left behind (see below). The forecast calls for improvement here in a couple of days. I hope that wherever you're huddled - assuming it isn't in some balmy spot - you will get a reprieve too.

(10-22mm  f10  1/320 sec  ISO200)


S. Etole said...

That's a beautiful sight that you left but I hope you soon have the weather you anticipated.

becky said...

Yeah, 38 is a little balmy... i think our temps were near that today. So you all are back in Florida? 75 sounds nice, reminds me of San Diego (where I may go soon if I don't find a place here!)
Love that header shot, though... and love the snow... as long as there's a little sunshine, i can manage the cooler temps.

Scott said...

Looks almost like home, except that water is still liquid.

Dawn said...

Ahhhh...nothing like a walk down a pier...even a cold one:)
You back there already????
Well....if warmer is coming than at least you have THAT to look forward to. I'm not sure there is warmer weather fore-casted for here any time soon.
I really like this shot!

Cinthia said...

A shot so lovely...

darlin said...

Another one of your fantastic shots Rick, the pier looks like it goes on forever.

I find it so strange that your weather there has such a variance just like we have here, mind you I like your variance much better than ours here right about now!

marty said...

c'est une si belle photo avec cette neige et
le soleil caché derrière les nuages gris !
c'est pour mieux apprécier encore le temps que
tu as en Floride ! quelle chance ! ici c'est
wet wet wet !le soleil pleure !
bisous de larmes de soleil

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Ha you chicken, running away from that ietsiepietsie snow...just kiddy my friend I'm just jealous about your sitting in the sun with your butt.

oh en nee dat liedje ga ik niet zingen want dan springen de tranen me in de ogen. Het was het aller aller laatstse woord dat mijn liefste peetmoeder liet zingen bij haar begrafenins....tja dat kun jij ook niet weten. Het blijft hoe dan ook een prachtig nummer. So thanks for the happy thought. She's in my heart for the whole day again because of you.
Bless you Rick.
Lieve knuffels Dagmar

imac said...

Like the shot Rick, we have grey skies and rain at the moment.
The World has been turned upsidedown.

Farmchick said...

I'm with imac on this one. The weather is just crazy everywhere right now.

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Yes, it's all relative isn't it?
This is a beautiful shot - love the muted sunshine - nicely captured Rick!

chasity said...

it is 7 degrees F here right now.
definitely ready for a warm up.


Soraia B. said...

Your photos are always so beautiful :D

No, end of the day capture :P

joyce said...

26 degrees?????? In January?????? Wow, I haven't seen the thermometre top 0 in weeks. On second thought, if we suddenly had a 26 degree day, the melted snow would force us to haul the fishing boats out of winter storage.

Rick said...

Thank you Susan - if the forecasters are right ...

Thanks Becky; yep, back in Florida and hoping the temps recover soon ;-) At least there's no snow here ! Good luck still with finding a place.

Yep - it was very close to home Scott; it has to get REALLY cold before the St. Lawrence freezes over.

Thanks Dawn ! If by 'back there already' you mean Florida, then yes. Hey - spring is just over 2 months away ! ;-)

Rick said...

Thank you Cinthia !

LOL Darlene - yes, the variance here isn't so hard to take ;-) And thanks for your kind words (I wouldn't trust that pier - it was long but I think also long in the tooth ;-)

Marty - merci; I really appreciate the sun much more here I think where it doesn't have to work hard to melt snow but just keep us warm ;-) So I send you some very warm bisous to dry up all your tears !

LOL Dag - that was some hard running (and driving !) I had to do to escape the snow ! I'm glad you have good memories because of that bittersweet song. You'll have to choose something else then for your trip. Fijne vrijdag, bedankt voor de knuffels en dan geef ik je ook maar een paar ;-) Groetjes.

Rick said...

Yes Stewart - in many ways; hopefully you're not getting the wraparound effect from Australia ! Thank you.

You're right Farmchick - but perhaps it also seems crazier because it can be reported from anywhere in the world - instantly !

Thank you Cat ! I hope your weather is 'normal' for the season.

That is brrr Chas - hopefully some warmth will come your way; stay close to the fire !

Thank you Soraia (and your shot was lovely - at the end of the day !)

Joyce - I remember 20C days in Calgary in January when a chinook came through - almost heaven; of course, I also remember -43C days - that's without the windchill !

Lisa RedWillow said...

Fantastic Rick.
Congrats one your one year project.
Way to go. I dont think I could do it right now.