Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rhodes revisited

It was a (for s/w Florida) cold and blustery day today. I checked the weather late this evening and there is an official 'wind chill warning' for overnight ! I think the warning is meant more for farmers so they can take precautions for their crops. However, it felt like perfect hockey weather (minus the snow) so we took in an ECHL game tonight - the locals lost. You might be surprised that there is enough hockey talent in Florida to have a team in this league, but I found out that 60-70% of the lads hail from Canada.

So when we got home tonight I dug into my archives for another in the Rhodes' series. I shot this one from the balcony of an abandoned monastery after we had toured the church in the background. It was about 32C/86F there at the time !

(10-22mm  f11  1/500 sec  ISO800)


darlin said...

Rick this is such an awesome photo, perfect lighting, the eye is drawn to the church with the sun shining so softly on it. A picture perfect day! :-)

darlin said...

Oh and ya, go figure they have our Canadian lads there to play hockey eh? lol

Mamuchi said...

Hermoso encuadre buend domingo

marty said...

quelle magnifique image Rick, baignée de soleil !
j'aime aussi ce long balcon abandonné où les pierres pleines de souvenirs pourraient nous
raconter bien des histoires d'autrefois !
bonne journée Rick avec des bisous ensoleillés !

Barefoot from Heaven said...

The way you composed this shot is just beautiful Rick. You sure got an eye for it.
And that warm weather....I long for it.
So you played HOCKEY in Florida....was it on concreet or what? I mean they can't have ice there can they?
Or was it field hockey, we play that a lot in Holland but I"ll guess you knew that. ;-)
Fijne zondag ik moet rennen en met Jesse naar Basketbal.
Doei doei lieve groetjes Dag

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Amazing perspective.I love it.It sounds strange to hear of a wind-chill in Florida.We are headed to the −3 range today.Yippy!

CarreraCaballo said...

The photo is in perfect harmony, the symmetries, the diagonals, the depth of field, and the aperture/focus chosen!



Farmchick said...

I like this shot a lot. My parents live in the panhandle of FL and keep telling me how cold it is there.

Soraia B. said...

Very pretty :D

S. Etole said...

I really like the way you framed this.

julia said...

Buen punto de vista de ese edificio.
Una foto muy bonita por la tranquilidad que refleja.
Un saludo.

imac said...

Neat Rick.
Its great to be reminded of past holidays.

Leovi said...

Very beautiful, great frame

Rick said...

Thanks Darlene - I shot quite a few photos there, it was so beautiful. About the hockey - yep, looks like our lads can be found all over the place - and they put on quite a show !

Gracias Maria - I hope you have a wonderful week !

Oui Marty - what stories those rocks might tell - if only they could. Merci and have a wonderful week with all the bisous I send your way !

Rick said...

Dank je wel Dag ! I think I learned to 'see' a little better over the past year. LOL - I wasn't playing hockey, but watching some YOUNG guys play, and most were from Canada ! ;-) Nou Dag - hard lopen en niet vallen zei m'n vader altijd - fijne week en groetjes uit Florida !

Thank you Ruth ! Yes, I'm not sure if all this cold is due to global warming or perhaps it's glow-bull warming ;-)

Thank you Joseph; I was happy I got the exposure of both the bright and darker areas right. I've developed a better sense of observation because I looked behind me to find this shot.

Thank you Farmchick; yes, it's been quite cold for Florida - and we're way down in the southwest !

Rick said...

Thank you Soraia!

Thanks so much Susan !

Gracias muy mucho Julia. ¡Espero su semana va bien!

Thanks Stewart - I do that occasionally, have a look at past trips.

Gracias Leovi !

Avery said...

Such lovely composition and lighting!

teca said...

This image was special because there are two magnificent angles to look at: to your right and straight ahead. You really were inspired when you took that photograph.
Thank you for sharing, honey!

Beijos with wishing cheers.

Rick said...

Thank you Avery !

Thank you teca ! I wasn't sure that the exposure would work due to light and dark, but I was happy with the result. It was such a beautiful place. Beijos for you !