Saturday, January 1, 2011

Post Project 365 - day 1

Calvin:  “You can't just turn on creativity like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood."

Hobbes: "What mood is that?"

Calvin:    "Last-minute panic.”

I came across that quote today whilst surfing some photography sites - pretty much captures the feeling some days while doing a Project 365.

Life felt a bit different today - no glances out the window when I woke up wondering what might become my photographic 'subject' for today (although the thought did cross my mind as I glanced out the window).

I jotted down a few recollections on my experience doing a Project 365. I imagine there are countless similar posts out there already, and I looked at a few before I started, but, as with many things in life you have to participate to really experience it. I'll add more in future posts as I recall them (I have a good memory, but it's short).


1. ABC - Always Bring Camera - a cardinal rule that will avoid regrets, trust me

2. Carpe Diem, or act when the opportunity is there - it likely won't come back

3. develop new eyes for seeing the world; stop just looking at it

4. get to know your camera - get out of Automatic

5. experiment - with light, angles, camera settings, subjects, day, night, weather, etc

6. take 20,000 (at least) photos this year - that's less than 55 per day

7. shoot every day, post every day if possible

8. keep notes of potential opportunities - don't rely on mental notes like I tried

9. learn some rules of composition and try to apply them

10. visit other photographers' and photography sites and learn as much as you can

11. don't get so engrossed with capturing the moment that you forget to enjoy it

12. oh, if applicable, get your 'significant other' onside, preferably before you start

There were days when I had enough different photos to fill a month and other days when I relied on panic (see quote). I stuck to posting photos I'd shot on that day only (with a couple of unavoidable exceptions) - which meant I revisited places to shoot subjects I had captured previously but had not posted.

Sorry for the long(er than usual) post, but I did get some shots yesterday while out for our last walk of the year. These were found hidden in a little area amongst the cedar trees well back of our house.

(18-55mm  f8.0  2 sec  ISO200)

click on photo to enlarge

(10-22mm  f5.6  1 sec  ISO200)

Note: I set the white balance to 'tungsten' to get the blue effect for better contrast for the next shot.

(18-55mm  f8.0  2 sec  ISO200)


Soraia said...

Good photos!

Ruth said...

I like the delicate beauty ported here.A moment captured in ice.I guess these pictures prove the point of really seeing the world around you.

darlin said...

Rick, I'm on board with you and what you mentioned although most of my shots are still in the auto mode, I do what I can when I can but other than that I can totally appreciate what you're saying and what you experienced.

Ever since I started this shot a day project I see things I have never seen before. I view life differently and I have a heightened sense of gratitude. It's not always the big things in life, or the "perfect" things, sometimes it's the smallest thing which can really open ones eyes. I also learned not to miss the moments, my photos are random and my camera is put away after a while so that I can still make memories vs. only capture then. I learned this early in year one, I was trying to get shots of fireworks, which never turned out anyways, and I missed most of the fireworks! Lesson learned!

You have totally inspired me, you are a magnificent photographer and a kind hearted person. I can feel your positive energies all the way from here, through your photos and word choices. And your writing, I still say take a shot at a book, I'd say you have one heck of a novel in you!

I think that these photos are interesting, pretty cool actually.

Well I said my bit, not off to make some more noise on someone else's blog! lol Have a wonderful and blessed New Year... so did you talk your wife into a blog yet? :-)

Scott said...

Excellent points here. I also really like your photos and I prefer the color ones in this case.

Katherine said...

Dear Rick... apologies not needed .. your advice is spot on I reckon!
I've not been active on my blog for a bit & have much reading to catch up on. I just wanted to wish you a great year in 2011 (your family also) and I will look forward to seeing more of the world through firstly your eyes & secondly your lens. Happy New Year my bloggy friend!

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Ok, I'm definitely on board for the ABC rule...there have been many blogging opportunities I've missed because I didn't have my camera with me! What do they say, it takes 21 days to break a habit? I have a feeling you'll be looking for shots for quite a while ;) I hope so, I enjoy them immensely.

Tricia said...

I will definitely keep this all in mind! I love learning new things & putting to the test! =)

ju-north said...

Thanks for the tips! Will bear them in mind and hope to take photos like yours!

Leovi said...

Three highly abstract compositions fantastic to start the new project. I like them, are interesting and suggestive.

Dawn said...

Love that blue one!
I was telling my son the other day about your ABC rule!!!! It always goes through my mind now. I just need to actually GET a camera! (For the most part my saying is ABCP....(Always bring cell camera is on there;))

bonifer said...

Great list, Rick! A lot of common sense there, but so hard to keep in mind, information.
Looking forward to your pics, post 365 days!
Happy New Year to you and yours !!

Farmchick said...

Nice post and great rules to shoot by.

imac said...

Colourful Rick, Whats your thought on the Headbangers then??

Rick said...

Thank you Soraia !

Yes, Ruth - even in the cold and ice beauty is to be found when we 'see'. Thank you.

Darlene - did I forget to mention how often you made me *blush* this year ? ;-) Thank you for your very kind words ! I think you elaborated on some key points about seeing the world through different eyes. I'll keep an open mind on the book concept (I think my wife would shudder if she ever thought I'd start that - it would be a 4-letter word for her, kinda like blog and shot ... ! ;-) Have a wonderful week !

Rick said...

Scott - thank you (I figured I was preaching to the choir in your case ;-)

Thank you so much Katherine. I appreciate all the blogger friends I've come to know - never knew this community existed 'out there' till I started a little over a year ago. And I'm happy to count you among them ! Have a great (and dry !) week.

Hi Cat - I hear you; it took me a while (likely greater than 21 days) to get that ABC thing ingrained - now I have to deliberately leave it behind (grudgingly sometimes). Thank you for your kind comments.

Rick said...

Thanks Tricia - I'll be looking for your 365 to start ! ;-) Your photography is wonderful already !

Julia - thank you; I think that your photos and what you do with them is beautiful !

Thank you Leovi - I actually had you in mind when I was composing the shots - I liked the abstraction of the forms in the ice.

Rick said...

LOL Dawn - I like that acronym, and you do absolute wonders with that cell phone ! Do I hear a birthday present coming up ? ;-) Glad I was able to help a bit. Thanks for your visits and comments Dawn !

Thank you bonifer - I appreciate your visit and comment. I wish you continued success with your photography, and all the best in 2011 !

Thanks Farmchick ! Glad I 'found' your blog - I enjoy my visits there, and appreciate yours here. Best wishes for 2011 !

Hi Stewart - thank you. And thanks for the invite, but I'm not in a position to make a commitment - apologies.

Charlotte said...

Really helpful rules and great photographs!

becky said...

Calvin & Hobbes- the best comic strip of all time! There is always a lesson in there that you can apply to real life. :)
Awesome ice shots.... I'm partial to last one.

Rick said...

LOL Becky - yes, Calvin & Hobbes was a favourite of mine too (although, being in the corporate world, Dilbert was tops for me).

Thanks for visiting and commenting !

Rick said...

Thank you Charlotte ! And thanks also for visiting (so I could find your blog).

Krista said...

Congratulations on a 365 project well done! I enjoyed your project alot!

And these photos are really stunning. I always love photos of water.

Rick said...

Thank you Krista - I appreciate all the support I got from so many people - you included !

Saz said...

Wow, there's some fantastic tips there! I'll mist likely refer to these whilst I continue my challenge! (:

Thanks for linking me to this! So glad you did. (:

Rick said...

You're welcome, Saz - good luck on your project - you'll make it !