Saturday, January 29, 2011

Looking on the bright side

There's a bit of good-natured banter between our kids (in Canada) and ourselves when the subject of weather comes up. They tell us about the latest storm and how much snow they got and how cold it is. We try not to dwell on the warmth and sunshine down here, and while they ask about it, I don't think they always want to know. Yes, they may have to shovel snow, but on the other hand they don't have to pull weeds, like the one I found today, out of the flower beds. From my point of view that's a fair trade.

(60mm  f4.5  1/320 sec  ISO200)


Soraia B. said...

So pretty :D

S. Etole said...

Very unusual weed.

Lisa RedWillow said...


darlin said...

Even the weeds are beautiful when you shoot them Rick, very nice shot! I love the DOF, I'm even checking out which lens you used... like I know anything about lenses! I figure if I look at the photo, then look at which lens you use then I can start to be able to tell the difference after a while and know what I love in lenses. I am going to get the macro lens we had the discussion about over on Joseph's blog, when I don't know but it'll happen. ;-) Cheers!

Marty said...

je préfèrerais arracher des weeds au soleil que
d'enlever la neige devant ma porte ! sure !!
chez toi, même les mauvaises herbes sont belles
et ces couleurs me réveillent ce matin, alors que
le jour n'est pas encore levé ! je t'embrasse
très fort et te souhaite une belle journée !
cold bisous

Dawn said...

Weeds can be quite beautiful! You brought out the best in this one for sure!!!

ju-north said...

I could put up with a weed as beautiful as this!

magda said...

Rick, hi
You're right, I totally agree ..
But your weed is the wonderful photography!!
Good week !!

mariiana capela said...

nice work, I like it :)

Leovi said...

Lovely with a nice set of colors and tones. I like this perspective very much.

Farmchick said...

Such a great shot. Weeds are just flowers without the appreciation.

CarreraCaballo said...

There is something fascinating about Macros, it is either the Depth of Field or the fact that the lens sees things differently!



Jeanne Klaver said...

I wouldn't pull this's gorgeous!

Rick said...

Thank you Soraia !

I've found that to be the case here in Florida, Susan - sometimes I'm not even sure it's a 'weed' till I look it up.

Thanks Lisa - I agree !

I find that you get a whole different view of things using a macro lens Darlene. I looked at this 'weed' in the flower bed and while I could see the red 'flower' I couldn't see it like the camera did (now I'm not sure I'll pull it). I think you'll like macro.

Rick said...

Patience, Marty - you'll get the opportunity to weed. soon ;-) Merci - this 'weed' begged me to take its photo last week; so far it survives. Flowery bisous pour toi Marty !

Thanks Dawn - who calls them 'weeds' anyway !

It's still living, Julia ;-)

Thank you Magda !

Rick said...

Thank you mariiana - for following and your nice comment.

Leovi - thank you !

I agree Farmchick ! Thank you.

I think its both Joseph - dof highlights the subject and the macro lens/camera shows us details we can't see.

It's still there Jeanne ;-)

Avery said...

It's amazing how beautiful weeds can be!!

Rick said...

True Avery - and WHO decides what's a weed anyway !