Friday, January 21, 2011

Phun beats Phrustration

Today was one of those days that could be classified as almost-completely-frustrating. You've all experienced that kind of day, dealing with unbendable bureaucracy. I had obviously overestimated the penetration of technology in the banking world. I thought that money moved at the speed of electrons these days, but even after resorting to handwritten notes transmitted via facsimile we discovered that it would still take 3-4 days to move some money to the US. Argggh!

So, since I had no time to get off a shot or two today, I decided to look in my Rhodes archives once again, and have some phun in honour of Phun Phriday. Here's what came out of that.

(10-22mm  f11  1/640 sec  ISO200)

click on photo to enlarge


Scott said...

What the heck? Interesting photo, but I'm having trouble Phiguring it out. Especially with those white leaves or shadows of leaves. Is it a negative? It is Phun to try to sort out.

I hope you get your banking phigured out before you go nuts.

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hee hoi hoe ist? Hier alles op rolletjes maar te druk. But I"m back again to see all that I"ve missed out on.
Love this shot my friend. It's inspiring.
Hugs Dagmar

darlin said...

Rick this is so cool, it looks animated.

Sorry to hear about your troubles, tomorrow's another day and hopefully things will come together for you quickly there.

Here's a little something that might cheer you a bit, check out this blog of mine...

ju-north said...

Please tell us how you did this - fascinating!

CarreraCaballo said...

They say that frustration triggers creativity - Stunning photo, Rick ;-)



Katherine said...

Almost futuristic & retro all rolled into one. Just like Scott I can't quite figure it out.. I see arch ways, an arbor overhead (I think), trees & is that portholes I see in the dark wall like structure? ... very intriguing! Money matters are never fun, unless one wins the lottery. I hope your banking dilemma sorts out quickly Rick. Have a wonderful weekend!

Hope said...

ok.. I have been looking at this for at least 10 minutes now.. think my eyes have grown cross.."smile"..
I really like this.. love the lines and shadows..
the round windows remind me of a ship.. the arch leading into another room.. the carpet.. think its a carpet..? the color reminds me of IR.. very well done Rick.. memorizing..
Hope that by now the money is where it should be.. nothing ever is easy when it comes to money..

teca said...

Hey, what magic! I liked it!
Beijos and hugs.
Yes... and a nice Sunday! \o/

Mamuchi said...

Vaya que juego de luz, me gusta saluditos!!!

becky said...

Ha HA! Yes, Phrustration, I know it well! Very artistic & cool photoshop work. I won't even ask how you did it... I'm a photoshop moron!
Happy Weekend, Rick!

Leovi said...

Beautiful and interesting abstract

Rick said...

Yes, Scott, it is a negative and I played around with the colour a little too. This shot was taken at the Kallithea Spa on Rhodes. We likely won't know if the banking transaction worked for a couple more days :(

Hey Dag - nice to hear from you again ! Alles op rolletjes - sounds like pieko bello ! Bedankt he, en niet zo druk doen ;-) Groetjes.

Thanks Darlene - the money issues should be minor (I hope) - the good news is that if it's that hard for us to get our own money then how hard would it be for others to get it ;-) It'll take me a while to get to that little game.

Rick said...

Hi Julia - it's a colour-treated negative of a shot I made in Rhodes (I don't have Photoshop - sorry)

Thank you Joseph - I think 'they' have it right ;-)

Thanks Katherine - I think you got most of that right - see above comment responses. Hope you have a great week !

Pretty good go at it Hope - the floor is actually a mosaic of small tiles; the Italians built this in the '20's - see above for info. And thank you - hope your eyes are back to 'normal' ;-)

Rick said...

Thank you Teca ! My Sunday was lovely, and I hope yours was too. Many beijos for the coming week ;-)

Gracias Maria ! Tenga una semana maravillosa !

Thank you Becky !! (and I don't even have Photoshop - or know how to use it).

Thank you Leovi - coming from the abstract master !