Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Master at work

The weather was downright balmy (11C/52F) the last 2 days (we had a couple of colder days than that in Florida in December !). And those temperatures were achieved without the benefit of the sun, in fact, the skies have been mostly overcast for the past 2 weeks. That has meant that there have not been (m)any opportunities to capture a sunset.

Many of you are familiar with Scott's Sunset Sundays. I think Scott and Chad have the corner on almost-out-of-this-world sunsets. Since I haven't been able to capture one these past 2 weeks since we returned, I got this one from my Florida archives. I think that the Master paints these all over the world, for our viewing pleasure.

(18-55mm  f16  1/15 sec  ISO200)

click on photo to enlarge


Farmchick said...

I love the pink colors in a sunset. Nothing can really recreate them.

Katherine said...

That is a lovely sunset .. worth the wait me thinks! We too have had very little happening on the sunset front due to all the wet weather we have been getting for the last few (at the moment) is looking promising however...if only those darn clouds will stay away.

darlin said...

WOW! Another beauty Rick, thank you for sharing this magnificent sunset. You are among the ranks of top sunsets on blogger, as I've always said there's 3 of you, you've only included 2 names and forgot to add yours to that list! :-)

Scott said...

Rick, You are too kind, but I don't know whether it's the altitude, or just the lake we use most of the time, or what, but Chad and I have both commented many times that we are blessed when it comes to beautiful sunsets. I enlarged yours to see beautiful detail and color modeling, a pleasure to view as always.

The Whimsical Gardener said...

Yes, He is the great master! What an awesome God we have to call author of the Universe!

Ruth said...

Yes,the Master does bestow such beauty on the earth,and for our enjoyment.Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog.

Cinthia said...

It' s the first pic of 2011?? Thank you , dear Rick....for yours 365 days...Cy

ju-north said...

This is a stunner! Wonder what he will do next?!

Dawn said...

It IS quite wonderful how each one is a masterpiece of its own.
Blessings I think they are!
My favorite time of day!!!!

marty said...

quel merveilleux coucher de soleil !
dommage que ce moment soit si court !
je te fais mes premiers bisous de l'année !!
et te souhaite une belle semaine

Joke van de Klift said...

Hi, Rick
I will try it in English but my english is'nt verry good.
Thank you for your answer on my blog, i understand that you not can read and see every blog, but my problem was that i can not look on your blog.
But now it's ok, I can read your blog via your answer on my blog.
The sunset is verry beautiful!
Thank you so much.
Have a nice day,
Lovely greeting,
P.S. I hope you can understand what i road to you, i hope so.

Leovi said...

A true marvel, light and beautiful tones and delicate, pure poetry.

Folhetim Cultural said...

A partir de hoje segunda meu blog voltou com tudo acompanhe durante a semana noticiário cultural. Espero que goste. Me siga. Abraços boa semana.

Magno Oliveira
Folhetim Cultural

Barefoot from Heaven said...

Hey it's not fair isn't. Chad and Scott have the best of them. hahaha.

maar deze is ook heel bijzonder Rick. vooral omdat jij weet dat The Master er zoveel moois van maakt ook voor jou en mij.

Thanks for sharing my friend.
Happy days.

Carolyn Ford said...

oh...this is a contender for 1st place with Scott and Chad! Beautiful, Rick!

Tricia said...

Yes, he does & I l♥ve how he shows off, he does it so very well!!! =) And you've captured it very well, too!!! =)

Soraia said...

Amazing photo and colours! :D

becky said...

That is rather balmy, Rick! To usher in the New Year, we had lows of 5 to minus -1 degrees! But today it warmed up into the 30's.
But sunsets always warm the heart, no matter the temps.

Rick said...

Thank you everyone for your kind words - I appreciate them like Sasha appreciates our walks - they are refreshing for me and I covet them daily.

I'm doing a paid photography assignment this week which will encroach on my personal photography time, but it may lead to more 'work' (I find it difficult to describe something I love doing as work !).

I will still try to visit as often as possible.