Thursday, January 27, 2011

One man band

I believe I saw one of the most co-ordinated, even if not superstar-level musically talented, performers today busking for a pretty decent crowd near the beach. I mean, this guy could play the guitar, several cymbals, a couple of drums, and a few other instruments while singing, and keep everything in good rhythm. And when he wasn't singing, he could also play the kazoo. Didn't look like there was an ounce of extra weight on him either, what with all the hopping around he had to do to produce sound from his collection of instruments.

(10-22mm  f5.6  1/1600 sec  ISO200)

click on photo to enlarge
(70-200mm  f7.1  1/640 sec  ISO200)


Scott said...

Wow, that does look amazing. I would have loved to hear and see him. Hopefully you left him some cash for all his work ;^).

Krista said...

That is AWESOME! I always love spending some time listening to and watching buskers! These pictures are just full of interest!

Avery said...

Sooo cool!! Love that second shot.
Would've been awesome to see!

BTW- have you been looking for shark's teeth?

darlin said...

Rick I love your second shot, I can see his character and I love it! The first shot gives me the feel of his performance, great set of shots and lucky you to hear him play. What fun!

magda said...

Rick, hi
Amazing photos by you, the multitalented artist!
I wish I could hear him!
Have a nice weekend

Barefoot from Heaven said...

What a colorful caracter that is. Wish I could hear him play.
Go as him next time when you can have a go!
En dan moet je je vrouw foto's laten maken voor ons genot...smiles here my friend.
Groetjes Dag

CarreraCaballo said...

Do you have him on Video too?



Marty said...

Hi Rick ! en France nous en avons un aussi !
il a toujours une colombe sur son épaule !!
c'est le même tu crois ?? je trouve ça très
drôle et ça me semble très difficile de jouer
tous ces instruments !! Rick je t'invite à
me suivre sur mon nouveau blog !! il n'y avait
plus de places pour de nouvelles photos sur
l'ancien !! plein de bisous arrivent avec les
mouettes !!!

Farmchick said...

That looks like such a fun gathering and it looks warm!!

teca said...

Ah... Genial!
I really like this kind of show!

Have a nice weekend, honey!
Hugs and many beijos!

Soraia B. said...

Great colours! :D

Rick said...

He wasn't selling CDs Scott ;-) but he could play fairly well !

Thanks Krista - hope you're doing well !

Thank you Avery ! No - not sure if I'd recognize one if I saw one - unless it was attached to its owner ! ;-)

It was neat to both see and hear him play. Thanks Darlene.

Rick said...

Thanks Magda - sorry, no video capability on my camera otherwise I could have posted one.

Ha ha Dag - dan moet ik eerst een beetje drank nemen ... nou, misschien wel meer dan een beetje ;-) Fijn weekeind - groetjes !

Sorry Joseph (now I need a camera upgrade ;-)

Marty - you will have to post some shots of the dove-man ! Yes, I was amazed that he could play all these - but look at all the strings he has tied to his arms, legs, guitar to play those instruments ! Saw your new blog - wonderful ! I send you plein de warm bisous !

Rick said...

Everyone looked like they were having a great time Farmchick, but warmth is a relative thing - it was about 63F (suppose that beats 0F !!)

It was fun teca ! Thank you and have a wonderful weekend with many beijos !

Thanks Soraia; enjoy your weekend !

becky said...

Wow, this guy looks like he's having fun! Looks at all his attachments! Great candid shots!

Jeanne Klaver said...

What a fun time he's having, and he's multi-talented. Your photos capture his spirit.

Rick said...

I think he was enjoying himself, like the crowd was. Thanks Becky.

He sure was - he could get all those instruments to accompany him and in sync. Thank you Jeanne.

Leovi said...

I like these with such vivid colors

Rick said...

Thank you Leovi.