Friday, January 7, 2011

A sight-seeing day

Our (w)interlude back home would not have seemed complete had we not experienced a bit of weather typical for this time of year - snow, driven by a 40km/25mi wind. I had another couple of photo shoots this morning, one of which took me about 40 miles downriver - by car. Once that was finished, I managed a leisurely jaunt back home, taking the old 2-lane highway along the St. Lawrence River. Due to the slick roads and time of day, I encountered almost no traffic - rubber-necking opportunity at its best ! I was able to pull over occasionally, brave the elements, and make a few shots.

I think this one will give you an idea of what the sight-seeing was like.

(70-200mm  f11  1/200 sec  ISO200)


Soraia said...


teca said...

Changed the name of the blog and the photo above, it looks great!
But even though the posts are still delicious.
Have a great weekend, honey!
Beijos and hugs from me to you!

S. Etole said...

Love the atmospheric look in this.

darlin said...

Rick this is stunning! We had pretty yuck weather here today, this afternoon we got another huge dump of snow and ya, do you have a spare bedroom for rent in Florida? lol

Photog Ave said...


marty said...

une photo incroyable !
aujourd'hui c'est moi qui t'envoie
quelques warm bisous, parce que le
temps ├ętait beau et presque chaud (15°)
have a wonderful weekend Rick

imac said...

Real weather conditions are a bonus if you drive careful my friend, real grand shot.

New title I see, and a great header.

joyce said...

Great photo of the bridge.....I am a bridgeophobic and wouldn't be caught dead on a bridge where I couldn't see the other side. Whereabouts is that bridge....I grew up in southeastern Ontario.

Rick said...

Thank you Soraia !

Thank you very much Teca ! I'm glad you like the changes. I hope your weekend is also going well. Many beijos to you !!

Thank you Susan !

Rick said...

LOL Darlene - there might be room to ride down in the backseat, if Sasha doesn't mind ;-) Hope your weekend isn't too snowy !

Thanks Avery !

Phew Marty - almost time to head for the beach !! ;-) Maybe I should head for France instead ! Have a wonderful weekend, and I send you cool bisous !

Rick said...

Thank you Stewart - weather can make for some great shots. Glad you like the new header !

Hi Joyce - thanks for your visit and comment. This bridge crosses the St. Lawrence at Johnstown, Ontario although it's called the Ogdensburg–Prescott International Bridge. Looks sturdy to me, although it is closed during periods of high winds.

Katherine said...

Fantastic shot Rick ... it's like looking through milky eyes. I've never experienced snow as you may already recall from previous comments, so this is great. Mother nature certainly knows how to attract attention, she's been causing a lot of havoc here in Queensland over the last month.

CarreraCaballo said...

I love shots of bridges in mist! This one is among the GREATEST I've seen :-)